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Collaborative Managed Data (TecCMD)

Former TecCMD

Article and price information supplied by parts suppliers to parts distributors in a standardised format

In accordance with validation rules, the supplier can provide its parts distributors with targeted information on customer-specific product ranges and prices, based on the established business relationship. The solution is independent of the ERP systems of the parts suppliers and distributors. Parts distributors can download the article and/or price information from the platform automatically or via a Collaborative Managed Data (CMD) Web Client in CSV, XLSX or XML format.

  • Reduced processing costs
  • Secure data transmission
  • Fast and targeted communication of master data
  • Reduction of manual reworking
Collaborative Managed Data (TecCMD) comprises the following components:

  • Collaborative Managed Data (CMD) platform
  • SAP component for parts suppliers and distributors
  • Collaborative Managed Data (CMD) File Transfer for the transfer of supplier data to and/or from the central platform of the parts distributor
  • Collaborative Managed Data (CMD) Web Client
Collaborative Managed Data (TecCMD) offers the following features:

  • Receipt of article and price information from the supplier
  • Validation of supplier input data on the Collaborative Managed Data (CMD) platform according to configurable settings
  • Management of business relationships via the TecAlliance Solution Portal
  • Encrypted data transmission via https connection
  • Parts distributor can generate a report on recently changed supplier data
  • Parts distributor can choose between a full extract or the updated information of its business partner
Why Collaborative Managed Data (TecCMD)?

  • Article and price information can be provided on an individual customer basis
  • Standardised provision of information minimises manual reworking of the data on the retail side
  • Automated data transfer by the supplier and data collection by the distributor shortens the time-to-market time frame
  • Reduced processing costs through automation
  • Returns processes are reduced due to improved data quality
Key figures:

  • Approx. 300,000 articles
  • Approx. 450,000 gross prices
  • Approx. 2 million net prices
Our customers:

  • Continental
  • Ernst Apparatebau
  • Febi Bilstein
  • Federal Mogul
  • Hella
  • Herth + Buss
  • HJS
  • Mann + Hummel
  • SAF-Holland
  • SKF
  • Tenneco
  • 500 Händler weltweit erhalten CMD-Daten
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