Be everywhere instantly with TecDoc® Instant Data Processing

The automotive aftermarket is a highly competitive market where not only speed but also the timeliness and accuracy of data is crucial.

As a market expert, we understand the challenges this poses for our aftermarket community and provide an evolution of the data transmission with Instant Data Processing (IDP). With IDP, we are significantly changing the world of data distribution. The time-consuming process of data transmission is transformed into a real-time process. The new API enables TecDoc® data suppliers to update and transfer their catalog data in real time. In just a few seconds, all data transferred via IDP will be integrated and published in the TecDoc® Catalog, Web Service and Web Shop. Thus we empower the market globally to always work with the latest and most accurate data. IDP users gain a high degree of flexibility and independence and accelerate their time to market.


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What can you expect from IDP?

  • Option to decide on own data update frequency and moment

  • ‘IDP as a service’ embedded in existing TecDoc® data maintenance tools (DMM + CCU)

  • ‘IDP as a service’ available for connecting to third party systems

  • No complicated and expensive installations

  • Always up-to-date with TecDoc® format changes and rules

  • Data published with IDP is integrated in TecDoc® web service, catalogs and shops

Accelerate time to market

Real-time data processing

Save time and resources

The advantages of IDP

  • Become first to market

  • Gain flexibility and responsiveness

  • Save time and resources

  • Edit your catalog data easily in real-time

  • Keep your information up-to-date at all times

  • Work independent of given deadlines and tools

Real time data updating, validation and publication

Your challenges

The Automotive Aftermarket is extremely competitive and fast moving. For you as a market participant, this means not only having the latest and most accurate catalog data, but also fast time-to-market. With the IDP option, we revolutionize the data transfer process and enable you to act even faster and more flexibly. You can edit your catalog data within seconds and at any time. Be no longer bound to a schedule with specific time windows for data transfer. If you want to make
changes to a subset of a dataset, you can transmit only the deltas thanks to IDP. Be independent in data validation and transfer, where you can use thirdparty tools without time-consuming export and import processes.

Consequences for your business

Due to the given time windows for data transfer, the release of your new products or an update of an existing product is bound to this time limit. This can lead to delays in your release plan and missed sales opportunities. With the evolutionary introduction of IDP, you have the option of entering new product data and updating existing data, independent of the specified data delivery calendar. Thanks to IDP, you save even more time in publish-ing your data. You can directly correct, supplement or delete your data and thus keep your information up- to-date at all times.

What IDP will change

With the evolution through IDP you benefit from real-time data management. With IDP you gain the option to update and edit your catalog data at any time. You are directly connected to our data center, so you can immediately add new content and edit your data without delay. The new infrastructure allows you to submit and extract individual updates instead of always being tied to entire datasets. You can work with a third-party product management system without being involved in time-consuming import and export processes.

Thanks to IDP, you are even faster in the market and can react flexibly to changes within your portfolio.