How to get the best out of your data

Data quality is crucial for success in the automotive aftermarket. Only with flawless data can vehicles and spare parts be determined without error and unambiguously. With our data quality initiative, we take your data to the next level!

In the automotive aftermarket, the key to success is data quality. Correct and up-to-date catalog data must be available at the point of service (PoS) at all times.

Data quality has become increasingly important over the last 20 years with the growing importance of electronic catalog and ordering systems. The success of digital parts information systems is directly dependent on the quality of the product identification data and information available. As online cataloging continues to grow strongly and will continue to grow, catalog and ordering systems must offer highquality product identification information. Online information systems are only as good or successful as the quality of their underlying data and information.

The quality of the catalog data determines whether the customer who consults the data to identify parts will be satisfied or not. Data quality and decision quality are thus directly related. For outstanding data quality in the TecDoc® Catalogue, information needs and information supply must ideally match. Catalog data that optimally supports the parts identification process leads to sustainable sales success and confidence in the underlying database.

“In the past, you went into a store and were advised by a salesperson and then left the store with the product you were looking for. Today, in the digital world, this advisory and selection function must be performed 100% by the available data and information. And they can only do this if they meet defined quality criteria at a high level and always provide customers with exactly the information they need to identify and select a product.”

Andreas Assmann, Director Data Quality Management, TecAlliance GmbH

How do we measure data quality?

The data…

  • … is free of errors

  • … can be interpreted unambiguously

  • … is standardized

  • … is comprehensible

  • … is relevant

  • … is complete

  • … is up-to-date

What are the benefits of high quality data?

Higher customer
satisfaction at the PoS

Trustworthy and
credible appearance

Competitiveness to OE
identification systems

Lower retail
return rates

Stronger supplier-retailer
business relationships

Significantly less effort
in data maintenance

New measure of data quality: the “Premier Data Supplier”

Certified Data Supplier (CDS)

Already meets specific requirements for TecDoc data maintenance to a high degree KPIs target basic TecDoc® guidelines

Premier Data Supplier (PDS)

Meets all CDS criteria and other significantly more stringent content requirements KPIs also encompass aspects of product content

How we can support you in meeting the new quality measures

  • Online DQM workshops

  • Monthly and quarterly performance reporting

  • Guide for generic articles and attributes

  • TecDoc® Data Guide

  • New functions in our data management tools

  • Individual data service

  • personal support from our sales team and technical consultants