The global vehicle and spare parts catalogue

For more than 20 years, the TecDoc Catalogue has been one of the world’s leading vehicle and spare parts catalogues. With this powerful solution, we offer workshops, spare parts manufacturers and dealers the ideal basis for easy part identification, effective marketing and smooth cooperation. The TecDoc Catalogue enables the precise identification of vehicles and a quick search for the right spare part; it is always complete with current and comprehensive repair and maintenance information. Whether for searching or as a basis for your own web shop – the TecDoc Catalogue offers you the right solution to meet your needs.

By preparing the spare parts information in accordance with our internationally recognised TecDoc standard, the seal of quality for high-value OE-based spare part product information, the data is available to you in a uniform high-quality format.

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Advantages: high-quality vehicle and spare parts information available worldwide


  • Quick and correct vehicle identification thanks to a wide range of international vehicle identification options

  • Confidence with current, comprehensive and manufacturer-compliant repair and maintenance information

  • Easy to use with intuitive search functions and standardised vehicle and parts descriptions

  • Time and cost savings due to fewer wrong orders


  • Easy and convenient to design your own web shops and online catalogues with individual branding and design

  • Individual integration of the TecDoc Catalogue Data in web applications

  • Excellent connection to Order Manager

Spare parts manufacturers

  • Global and local availability and presence of product information at the point of sale

  • Provision of data in all major languages

  • Highest quality product data and article information based on the international TecDoc Standard

Modular service packages

At a glance: Service packages of our TechDoc Catalogue

The TecDoc Catalogue offers a variety of functions and comprehensive information. But not everyone has the same needs; that’s why we have designed a modular offering.

With practice-oriented service packages, you can individually select the scope of data you require from the various catalogue modules.

Design your TecDoc Catalogue as a modular system; individually expand the basic version Classic with the other modules you need.

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The TecDoc Catalogue modules at a glance:

  • Comprehensive TecDoc parts catalogue

  • Repair and adjustment data

  • Vehicle identification via VIN filter

  • Maintenance plans and interval display

  • Includes the Classic module

  • Graphic selection of parts

  • Technical service bulletins

  • Standard labour time

  • Wheel and tyre information

  • Interactive circuit diagrams for ABS, climate control and engine

  • OEM-based information about recalls

  • Repair instructions

  • Includes the Classic modul

  • Includes the Garage Data module

  • Comfort circuit diagrams

  • Localisation of components in the engine compartment

  • Diagnostic data

  • Fuses and relays

  • Includes the Classic module

  • Standard labour times

  • OEM-based information about recalls

  • Repair instructions

  • Technical service bulletins

  • Price data based on vehicle manufacturer information

Die optionale Integration des OEM Ersatzteilkatalogs bietet Ihnen ganz neue Möglichkeiten in Bezug auf die Teile-Identifikation. Die praktische Filterung der IAM-Daten auf Grundlage der Fahrzeughersteller-Informationen bietet Ihnen noch exaktere Suchergebnisse.

  • Präzise Ergebnisse wie in den Katalogen der Fahrzeughersteller
  • Weniger Retouren dank Teileidentifikation auf Basis von OE-Daten
  • Praktisches Ranking für optimale

Mit der Integration der RMI-Daten (Repair and Maintenance Information) verschaffen Sie sich optimalen Zugriff auf eine Vielzahl an Reparatur- und Wartungsdaten.

  • Herstellerkonforme Wartungsinformationen
  • Verringerte Suchzeiten und hohe Datenqualität
  • Komponentengetrieben für maximale Effizienz

Individual solutions for e-Commerce

We offer you customised solutions for the TecDoc Catalogue: web service, mobile app, customised catalogue or web shop.

Web Service: 

The web service is the comfortable solution to integrate the comprehensive TecDoc Catalogue data into your own shop or catalogue solution using an interface (API). 

  • Easy integration of the TecDoc Catalogue product and vehicle data into your ERP system or web solution 
  • Uniform data format (TecDoc Standard) 
  • Cloud technology guarantees global high-performance availability 
  • No expert knowledge to supervise external database infrastructure required 
  • No local data storage 
  • Optional retrieval of repair and maintenance data of TecAlliance (Repair and Maintenance Information (RMI)) 

Mobile app: 

As a manufacturer you can use this customised app to provide detailed information on your articles, sales points, latest innovations and marketing information through an efficient and modern communication channel. You can reach your customers worldwide, present your product and company information at an entirely new level and boost product sales. 

  • Available for iOS and Android. 
  • Modular mobile catalogue with an intuitive user interface for access to your product information, anywhere at any time 
  • Fast, simple search for the right spare part by scanning, entering the part number or selecting the vehicle 
  • Authenticity check for spare parts 
  • Detailed information on locations/sales outlets including display in Bing Maps 

Web shop / Customised catalogue: 

Using various templates, the TecDoc Catalogue can be individually customised to your corporate design. In addition to the comprehensive data of the TecDoc Catalogue, your own products and prices can be integrated. With the optional cart and the ordering function, it becomes a personalised B2B shop solution . You can automate your order processing with a direct connection to your MMS. Your information for orders is always up-to-date and correct. 

  • Individually customisable, intuitive user interface 
  • Customer-specific expandable functionality 
  • Shows recommended retail prices 
  • Customisable price and availability displays 
  • Cart and ordering function 
  • Optional integration of TecAlliance Repair and Maintenance Information (RMI) 

Features and facts

  • 110,000+ vehicle types
  • 6.6 million articles
  • 700+ brands
  • Over 254 million linkages
  • Segmentation in 48 article groups
  • 7.7 million repair and adjustment data
  • Around 22.8 million standard labour times
  • Over 4.2 million maintenance plans and intervals
  • Over 3.8 million repair instructions
  • Intuitive search function with text-based search

  • Comprehensive article information and manufacturer vehicle linkages

  • Country-specific vehicle identification methods (e.g. VIN)

  • Many installation and repair instructions

  • Comfort circuit diagrams and graphic part selection

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