Technical data of all current vehicle manufacturers

With Repair and Maintenance Information (RMI), we offer comprehensive, manufacturer-compliant repair and maintenance data for vehicle workshops, parts dealers and fleet/leasing companies. Whatever you need, we have the right information for you – a variety of technical data for all current vehicle manufacturers in the fields of repairs, mechanics, maintenance and diagnostics.

You receive comprehensive RMI data from us either as a data package or as a web service for integration into your systems. From customised data supply to customer-specific solution – we supply you with the data you need, exactly how you need it – simple and uncomplicated.

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Advantages: manufacturer-compliant data for all vehicles


  • Access to complete and up-to-date repair and maintenance information

  • Highest-quality data from professional data preparation

  • Vehicle maintenance according to manufacturer specifications, maintaining the manufacturer’s warranty

  • Convenient ServiceFinder: simple identification of the manufacturer-compliant service level and display of all necessary replacement parts

  • Time-saving and efficient due to digitised, standardised data

Parts trade

  • Attractive value-added offers for workshop customer loyalty

  • Simple integration into in-house catalogue and web shop systems

  • Automatic preparation of replacement parts packages for cars and commercial vehicles

Fleet and leasing firms

  • Realistic calculation of maintenance and repair costs

  • Easy integration into in-house systems and applications

  • Integration of the RMI data into Fleet Manager as a calculation basis for cost forecasts and order processing with workshops

Our expert hotline: always there for you

The motor vehicle specialists on the Expert Hotline offer you and your customers targeted advice and solutions for cars and commercial vehicles. They offer support in the repair process from initial enquiry through to carrying out the repair. As a result, you save time, avoid potential sources of error and ensure the high quality of service to your customers.  Detailed monthly evaluations of all queries show the improvement potential for your operations.

Features and facts

  • Graphic selection of parts

  • Search and selection option for due inspections with ServiceFinder

  • Vehicle identification via VIN, national codes such as KBA, or conventionally via manufacturer – model – type

  • Manufacturer-compliant standard labour times with integrated overlap calculations

  • Turnkey interfaces for integration into replacement parts catalogues

  • Display of the special tools required, including OE number, in the repair instructions

  • 3.9 million repair instructions
  • 4.2 million service plans with 22.8 million standard labour times
  • 24 languages
  • Europe-wide vehicle information
  • 7.7 million items of technical data
  • Vehicle identification via VIN filter
  • Maintenance plans and interval display
  • Repair and adjustment data
  • Wheel and tyre information
  • Standard labour times
  • Repair instructions
  • OEM-based information about recalls
  • Technical service bulletins

  • Comfort circuit diagrams

  • …and much more.

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