Spanish distributor Reynasa explains why you should switch to the Order Manager Online Portal

Reynasa, a distributor of automotive replacement parts in Spain, has been using the Order Manager for many years. In the beginning, they used the locally installed software TecLocal. CIO David Valerio explains why they switched to the Order Manager Online Portal and which positive effects that change had on their daily work.

TecAlliance launched the TecLocal software almost 20 years ago and at that time, this was a game-changing breakthrough in the automotive aftermarket. The B2B platform Order Manager connected suppliers and buyers of automotive replacement parts and allowed them to process orders electronically. However, the handling of the local installations caused a lot of administrative work and sometimes technical issues. The web-based Order Manager Online Portal offers a better, more up-to-date solution.

Ready for future success with the Order Manager Online Portal

When Reynasa, one of the major distributors of replacement parts in Central Spain, got to know the new Order Manager Online Portal, they were attracted by the various new functions and improvements. This web-based solution allows them to check availability and prices of replacement parts, place orders, receive delivery notifications and electronic invoices. The journal provides an overview of all processes.

“The Order Manager Online Portal, previously called TecWeb, gives us universal access to the Order Manager platform without having to install anything. This speeds up the whole process and makes it very easy to add new users. Instead of installing the software at the computer of every employee in the purchasing department, everyone can sign in and use the portal 24/7 without any local restrictions. And as the solution is cloud-based we don’t have to do any maintenance”, explains David Valerio, Chief Information Officer at Reynasa.

All data is saved on European servers, which ensures an above-average level of data security based on strict statutory regulations. The Online Portal allows to process all order-related tasks with maximum flexibility. It seamlessly adapts to various screen sizes so that it can be used optimally on all devices – from smartphones and tablets to PCs and laptops. A perfect complement is the Order Manager app for Android and iOS devices that allows to fill the shopping cart from any location and transfer it to the Order Manager account for further processing.

“The Online Portal has much better usability. Our users all say that it is very simple, intuitive and pleasant to work with it. They are very happy with this solution”

David Valerio, Chief Information Officer, Reynasa

Simple migration, great success

For TecLocal users, switching to the Order Manager Online Portal is very easy: They can directly sign in with their existing login details and place their first order: “It wasn’t a complicated migration at all”, remembers David Valerio. “As it was a great technological advance, all our users welcomed the tool. Of course this facilitated the change management a lot. Today, all users of the purchasing department are working with the tool on a daily basis.”

The staff uses the Order Manager Online Portal to check prices and availability with the suppliers when a part is not available in their own warehouse and they place stock and express orders through the system.

The feedback of the employees is very positive. “The Online Portal has much better usability. Our users all say that it is very simple, intuitive and pleasant to work with it. They are very happy with this solution”, says David Valerio.

Are you also interested in switching to the Order Manager Online Portal? Go to the Online Portal, sign in with your TecCom ID and enjoy working with our easy-to-use and up-to date solution.

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