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Portuguese distributor Create Business speeds up processes with e-Invoicing

Create Business has been a major distributor of replacement parts in the Iberian automotive aftermarket for more than 16 years. They receive 100 percent of their invoices electronically via the Order Manager module e-Invoicing. Marcelo Lopes, Chief Information Officer at Create Business, explains why legally valid, tax-compliant e-invoices are so important for the whole supply chain.

There are a lot of reasons why every business should move from manual, paper-based invoice processes to fully automated, electronic invoice processing. The most important advantages are cost savings on the accounts payable and the accounts receivable side, error reduction, storage cost savings and improvement of customer relationships.

Save our environment and optimise your processes

TecAlliance e-Invoicing is one of the key modules of the Order Manager, the end-to-end solution for the entire automotive supply chain. Create Business has decided to use the module several years ago to automate their invoice processes. “One of the major advantages of the Order Manager e-Invoicing module is that you have one standardised format and one single tool for all the invoice senders and receivers. And the integration in our ERP system facilitates everything”, explains Marcelo Lopes. “Electronic invoices are extremely important in many ways: We are all looking for a sustainable way of life and this a very easy and quick way to solve a part of this problem. And also the time factor is very important: You send the invoice, you have it. Electronic invoices speed up this process enormously”, he says.

“TecAlliance’s e-Invoicing module makes it easy for us to receive and send a valid e-invoice.”

Marcelo Lopes, CIO, Create Business AG

100 percent – on the safe side

“Today we receive 100 percent of the invoices electronically via the Order Manager e-Invoicing module and we reinvoice everything to our customers and shareholders in a digital manner, which is a major breakthrough for us”, says Marcelo Lopes. Compliance with VAT rules is a very critical issue, especially in Portugal, where the legislation is very strict and there are lots of criteria that must be fulfilled so that an invoice is considered a legally valid electronic invoice. The Order Manager e-Invoicing module correctly transmits e-invoices and complies to all the legal requirements, such as content integrity, origin authenticity and legibility or protection of sensitive data.

“For us it is extremely important to receive a legally valid e-invoice and also receive a TXML file to work with and to send it to our customers. If we don’t have a legally valid electronic invoice, the e-communication doesn’t serve for anything. Then it’s a ‘nice to have’ but it won’t contribute to a real change in the society or improvements for the people that work with the invoices a lot. So this is a major thing for us. TecAlliance’s e-Invoicing module makes it easy for us to receive and send a valid e-invoice. This helps us to avoid a lot of work that doesn’t add any value to our business and also avoids the risk of non-compliance with local tax legislation, along with the associated risk of fines and penalties”, says Marcelo Lopes.

A cross-border solution

Create Business distributes replacements parts not only in Portugal, but also in Spain, Mozambique and Angola and is required to comply with the local legislation in each of the countries in which they do business. The Order Manager e-Invoicing module perfectly deals with the complexity caused by different formats and legal requirements for digital invoices in different countries. “Our e-Invoicing solution is widely used by major automotive aftermarket suppliers and traders. 80 suppliers are currently using our solution, sending invoices to more than 6,000 receivers in 65 countries. In Portugal, there are around 250 invoice-receivers and that number is constantly growing. We are happy that we can offer a really consolidated solution which perfectly responds to the requirements of the international automotive aftermarket”, says Ingrid Hanselmann, Product Owner Order Manager for e-Invoicing at TecAlliance.

Are you also interested in optimising your order-to-invoice processes and learn more about our e-Invoicing module? Get in touch with us so that we can work together to find the best-possible solution for you.

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