Migration from TecLocal to Order Manager (former “TecWeb5.0”)

TecLocal will no longer be developed further and will shortly stop working. With the web app Order Manager, we offer you a future-proof alternative with numerous advantages.

Simple changeover in two to four steps

Step 1: Register for Order Manager

On the Order Manager start page,  enter your TecComID and the corresponding TecCom password, then click on the Register button. You will receive an email with a confirmation link, which you can open within 96 hours. After opening the link, you can choose your own user password.

In TecLocal under Administration > Extra > TecCom you will find your TecComID in the following format:

When registering in the Order Manager, please enter it without the separators, e.g:

You have received your password from us together with your TecComID by email and used it during the first setup of TecLocal. If you no longer know your password, we will be happy to send it to you on request. Please tell us your TecComID.

Step 2: Transfer your partners (suppliers) to the Order Manager

Log in to Order Manager with your email address and user password. Under Administration > Partners, you can connect your suppliers with the Add Partner button.

Via Administration > Partners > Add partner you can access the Order Manager’s supplier search. Simply fill in one or more text fields in the search form and click Next to find your supplier. In the search results list, select the appropriate partner by activating the checkbox on the far left. Then click Next to enter the customer number and supplier number. For detailed information on setting up business relationships with your suppliers, see the der Anleitung Business Relation Administration.

In TecLocal, open the page Administration > My TecCom > Partners, mark a line in the list and note the customer number which you have received from this supplier (“Our Customer ID Used By Partner”).

In TecLocal, open the page Administration > My TecCom > Partners, mark a line in the list and note the supplier number (“His Supplier ID used by us”).

If no supplier identification is stored in TecLocal, you should use the supplier number from your ERP system. Alternatively, you can select any number yourself for the supplier. It is then advisable to assign a different number to each supplier.

(optional) Step 3: Transfer your Ship-to addresses

You only need to carry out this step if you have previously worked with different Ship-to addresses (delivery addresses) in TecLocal.

Under Administration > Ship-to you can save a new Ship-to address using the New button. In the Administration > Partners > Business Relations section, you can optionally assign a ship-to party number to the ship-to party address. You can assign a different number to each partner. Detailed information on setting up business relationships with your suppliers can be found in the Business Relation Administration manual.

In TecLocal, open the Administration > My TecCom > Ship to area and select a line in the list. You will then see the list of Ship-to numbers by switching to the Supplier tab at the bottom of TecLocal.

(optional) Step 4: Transfer your IFD file to be able to import orders into Order Manager

You only need to carry out this step if you have previously imported order files from your ERP system into TecLocal (MMS Import).

Under Administration > IFD Settings in the Order Manager, you can transfer your existing IFD file from TecLocal. Click on Select IFD file (next to ERP-System 1) and upload the file OrderTransfer.ifd into the Order Manager.

From then on you can use the option ERP-System 1 under Request & Order > Import Data File to import your orders into Order Manager.

The OrderTransfer.ifd file, which enables the import of orders (in CSV format), is located in the TecLocal installation directory. This is usually

  • for TecLocal3.0: C:\TecCom\Client\OrderTransfer\OrderTransfer.ifd
  • for TecLocal4.0: C:\TecCom\TecLocal4.0\OrderTransfer\OrderTransfer.ifd

Are you using a special integration of TecLocal into your ERP system or need further help with the changeover?

We will be happy to help you personally if you need our help with the conversion to Order Manager or any other order solution. Visit us at https://www.tecalliance.net/en/company/support/ . We look forward to hearing from you.

No, there isn’t. Instead, we offer you an individual migration service with costs if required. Just get in touch with us.

It is possible that you are currently using TecLocal together with other TecCom components to implement integration into your ERP system. For example:

  • Document Transport Service (TecDTS)
  • TecERPLink
  • SilentCommerce interface
  • TecReverseMessageAddon
  • TecTransformerHook („TecHook“)

In such cases we offer special solutions so that you can switch to modern components. For example:

  • Webservice Integration (XML data exchange)
  • Upload/Download via AS2 / OFTP2 / FTP
  • EDIFACT exchange format

We would be pleased to advise you on the possibilities that are available to you.

Detailed information on how to use Order Manager can be found in the Order Manager Handbuch (PDF).