“Reverse logistics are really a pain point”

How our standardised solution Warranty & Returns improves claims handling

Warranty claims and parts returns represent a significant cost for the entire automotive aftermarket, which is why parts manufacturers, traders and garages are all looking for ways to improve the process. Therefore we have delivered the innovative Order Manager module Warranty & Returns that allows to handle warranty claims and returns in a quick and straight forward manner. Marcelo Lopes, Chief Information Officer at the Portuguese parts distributor Create Business, has been using the Order Manager for more than 10 years now and is convinced of the advantages of a standardised tool that can be used for all parts manufacturers.

“We have lately tested the new module Warranty & Returns and I think, such a tool is definitely a need for the market. We know that reverse logistics are really a pain point for the whole industry. There are more and more returns and warranty cases and sometimes, the manufacturers are not ready to handle this volume of work. Because it is really a lot of work for them”, explains Marcelo Lopes.

Submitting a claim in less than three minutes

Filling in a paper-based warranty and return claims typically takes ten minutes or even more. This means an excessive manual effort and the process is also very error prone. From wholesale and workshop perspectives, our new module provides huge benefits. With our Warranty & Returns module, they can immediately generate and transmit complaints and return claims in the Order Manager online portal – free of charge, without installation work and in under three minutes. When filling out the digital claim form, the applicant is supported through the integration of TecDoc article and vehicle data. The processing of complaints and returns with Warranty & Returns enables dealers to decrease their process costs by at least 50%, to significantly reduce the time needed for processing and to increase the satisfaction of their customers.

The parts manufacturers can decide whether a free exchange or a refund is granted, or the claim is rejected based on the information in the digital claims form and the additionally uploaded photos or videos. The applicant is informed in real time about the decision. If a defective part must be returned, the applicant directly receives the required shipping documents. Unnecessary shipments can also be avoided as a result of the detailed information transmitted in the application process. This not only reduces costs and expenses but also actively contributes to protecting the environment.

“We have lately tested the new module Warranty & Returns and I think, such a tool is definitely a need for the market. We know that reverse logistics are really a pain point for the whole industry”

Marcelo Lopes, CIO, Create Business AG

One single tool to handle returns with all parts manufacturers

Create Business has already developed their own tool for electronic claims handling, that they offer to their customers. However, Marcelo Lopes is convinced that a standardised solution for the whole industry is very important. “We included a tool in our portal to send warranty and returns claims and receive answers from the suppliers. But we are still very interested in the new Warranty & Returns module from TecAlliance. We have been using the Order Manager for more than ten years now and we know the advantages of a standardised solution. I think it is really very important to have one single tool that goes from all the distributors to all the manufacturers”, says Marcelo Lopes.

You are already using the Order Manager, have a TecCom ID and want to give our Warranty & Returns module a try? Go to the Order Manager Online Portal​, login with your user account and create your first claim!

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