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Successfully optimises invoice processes with Order Manager module e-Invoicing

The Automotive Aftermarket division of Robert Bosch in Poland has been using our Order Manager solution for almost 20 years now. In 2012 they decided to also implement the module e-Invoicing. Today, nearly 100 percent of all order-related processes are handled electronically, from availability requests to the dispatch of tax-compliant electronic invoices.

Back in 2001, Bosch Automotive Aftermarket Poland was one of the very first users of the Order Manager, our B2B platform for electronic order processing. Today, it offers four key modules, making it an end-to-end solution for the entire automotive supply chain: Order, CMD (Collaborative Managed Data), Warranty & Returns and e-Invoicing. In addition to the Order module, Bosch has also been using the e-Invoicing module since 2012, which enables efficient, tax-compliant and paperless invoice processing. It can also be used as a stand-alone solution, but in combination with the Order module like in the case of Bosch Poland, it unfolds its full optimisation potential.

“We had been working together successfully for so many years and at that time, TecAlliance was one of the first providers that offered a legally compliant e-Invoicing solution in Poland. So the decision for the e-Invoicing module of the Order Manager was obvious for us”, remembers Klaudia Uszyńska, Customer Process Partner Europe at Robert Bosch Automotive Aftermarket in Poland.

Reduce costs, increase quality

The move to electronic invoices is part of a global trend towards increased efficiency and transparency. E-invoicing will result in faster payments, lower printing and postage costs, and cheaper document storage costs. Highly automated e-invoicing processes also improve the relations between suppliers and customers: no lost invoices, better use of cash discounts and optimised cash management.

Our e-Invoicing module perfectly deals with the complexity caused by different formats and legal requirements for digital incoming and outgoing invoices. It fully complies with different VAT rules and other legal requirements, such as content integrity, origin authenticity and legibility, protection of sensitive data and archiving of invoices for the period required by law. “Our international community is very strong. 80 global suppliers are using our solution, sending invoices to more than 6,000 receivers in 65 countries”, explains Product Owner Ingrid Hanselmann.

“They are very happy with the system. Today, nearly 100 percent of all invoices are handled via the e-Invoicing module.”

Klaudia Uszyńska, Customer Process Partner Europe, Bosch Automotive Aftermarket Poland

One solution for different needs

“We implemented the module to send and receive electronic invoices and process them directly in our SAP system. We also invited the Bosch Car service workshops to send electronic invoices and they are very happy with the system. Today, nearly 100 percent of all invoices are handled via the e-Invoicing module”, says Klaudia Uszyńska.

By using the e-Invoicing module, invoice senders reduce material and process costs. And for the incoming invoices, the checking and processing times are shortened. The automated process reduces errors and increases transparency in the entire workflow. “It is a big advantage that the e-Invoicing module is compatible with almost any IT structure. On our side, all Order Manager processes are completely integrated in our SAP system. But our customers use it in different scenarios: They can receive the e-Invoices directly in the online portal of the Order Manager, via email or they can access them in a separate invoicing portal. And of course they can also have an integration into their ERP system”, says Klaudia Uszyńska.

Are you also interested in optimising your order-to-invoice processes and learn more about our e-Invoicing module? Get in touch with us so that we can work together to find the best-possible solution for you.

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