Cost forecasts and order processing

Many different interest groups are involved in fleet management. This makes it especially important to support all of them, optimising not only their internal processes but also their overall collaboration.

To meet these various demands, a solution is needed that provides reliable planning and monitoring of repair and maintenance costs. Only then we can attain the common key goal of providing end-customer satisfaction in an effective and efficient way.

Fleet Manager makes it possible.

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Advantage: increase efficiency in fleet management

Fleet & leasing companies

  • Increased customer satisfaction through optimised processes

  • Reduced processing times

  • Reliable cost calculation

  • Adherence to agreements with clients


  • Calculation of attractive premium offers

  • Comprehensive calculation basis

  • Reliable forecasts


  • Straightforward order processing using the system

  • Automatic approval processes

  • Reduced administrative costs for order preparation and processing

Fleet Manager module

With this solution, you have access to a high-quality, comprehensive and detailed database for reliable calculation of maintenance and repair costs as well as efficient job processing. You benefit from maximum flexibility with high accuracy and precision for your calculations, forecasts and processes – and from the saving potential of the Independent Automotive Aftermarket (IAM); the article data in the TecDoc Catalogue can be used in Fleet Manager.

The different modules of our fleet software

The Forecast module allows you to make reliable predictions to efficiently plan maintenance and repair costs.

  • Standardised and manufacturer-compliant database
  • Comprehensive overview of all important information for contract preparation
  • Calculation history and benchmark functionality
  • Vehicle service time and kilometrage/mileage can be freely selected
  • Use of warranty services and packages
  • For new or used vehicles

With the Job Management module, you can efficiently check and approve workshop requests and invoices.

  • High degree of digitisation and automation in the approval of workshop offers and invoices
  • Fast and accurate discovery of irregularities
  • Dispatch of electronic invoices via e-Invoicing
  • Individual approval rules

Features and facts


  • Selection of vehicle and maintenance variant

  • Calculation of maintenance and wear costs for selected term-kilometrage combination

  • Benchmark functionalit

  • Complex adjustment options thanks to custom parameter configuration

Job Management

  • Administration of maintenance and wear jobs

  • Access to manufacturer-compliant data for approvals

  • Requirement-based selection of the automation level

  • Integration of data collected via Caruso

  • Country-specific maintenance plans, languages and replacement parts prices

  • 24 languages

  • 3.9 million repair instructions

  • 80 vehicle manufacturers

  • 4.2 million service plans with 22.8 million standard labour times

  • 7.7 million items of technical data


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