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The availability of and access to vehicle and product information are crucial to success. The most important step is identifying vehicles and suitable replacement parts without fail. We offer you extensive support with our comprehensive database comprising: vehicle reference data, OE data, and VIO (Vehicle in Operation) database. This applies both to the management and analysis of your data and its results; our practical and well-conceived solutions make your processes simpler and more efficient. Our products make it easier for you to manage your own data; they also help you to build your own e-commerce applications and catalogue solutions

You have the choice: our experts would be happy to tell you more about our comprehensive database. Learn more today about how to put together your own custom data packages and tailored services to meet your Needs.

Advantages: vehicle reference data and replacement parts Information

Collect and use: Vehicle database and spare parts information

Our basis for your success: the TecAlliance database! We gather the most up-to-date information from automotive suppliers, replacement parts manufacturers, associations, authorities and institutions worldwide. We collect vehicle and product data, comprehensive maintenance and repair information, regional vehicle parc data, and market statistics. This information is either collected and recorded by our experts in a uniform and integration-compatible form, or it is supplied directly by manufacturers and trade.

The TecDoc data suppliers provide high-quality replacement parts data in a uniform format using our global “TecDoc Standard”.

You can then use the structured data with our TecAlliance solutions, e.g. the TecDoc Catalogue or the Data Manager modules, but also in your own way by choosing just the data that you need. We use tailored solutions and services to offer exactly the support you need in data collection and Management.

More quality and value for your product data

Our data makes your life easier: with our reference data and information you can increase the quality and information content of your product data for manufacturers and trade. Choose exactly the data you need for your portfolio and your Tasks:

The TecDoc Reference Data provides descriptions of vehicles, vehicle components and product information in the world-recognised TecDoc exchange format to help you prepare your product and article data.

Benefit from the comprehensive vehicle database in a standardised structure and stay up-to-date with regular updates

Use all the spare parts data in the TecDoc Catalogue to select exactly the data you need – to manage repairs and service, to support your fleet management or to offer customers the best possible service with your own e-commerce applications and spare parts catalogues.

Data is available to download individually or as a package. You can also get data as a web service, where we automatically supply you with the most recent data via direct link.

With our VIO vehicle database, we offer fully-specified vehicle parc data, with more than 60 identifying criteria for vehicles. The data comes from more than a billion registered vehicles in seven geographical regions: Europe, Asia, Middle East, Oceania, North America, South America and Africa.

Take advantage of our comprehensive vehicle parc data for your specific analysis and product portfolio optimisation.

Advanced brand and competition analyses are supported by the modules PMD and Demand Dashboard in our business intelligence solution, Analytics Manager.

Our colleagues in Data Consulting are also happy to provide custom support for more extensive brand and portfolio analyses.

We offer 100% clean OE data in our spare parts catalog

OE Data

You receive 100% clean parts data from the original equipment manufacturers (OEMs), standardised by TecAlliance. The OE Data comes directly from the electronic parts catalogues of the original equipment manufacturers and is available for more than 500 product groups in the European market. All brands that are registered and driven in Europe are covered. This data is available for passenger cars, as well as light and heavy commercial vehicles.

Repair and Maintenance Information (RMI)

As a parts dealer, you can offer your customers direct access to the latest maintenance and repair information. Our technical experts and workshop specialists ensure that you have direct access to comprehensive information on: installation instructions; special tools; standard labour times; interactive circuit diagrams for ABS, climate control, engines; OEM product recalls; diagnostics data; and much more for motor vehicles.

Offer your customers access to our repair information

Facts and figures

You can use our data as required for your own applications, such as your own replacement parts catalogues, mobile apps or web shops. Always provide your customers with the right information at the right time and in the right place.

  • >110,000 vehicle types (TecDoc Catalogue Data)
  • 254 million links (TecDoc Catalogue Data)

  • 1 million items of OE reference data (OE Data)
  • >1 billion vehicles (Vehicles in Operation)
  • 22.8 million standard labour times (Repair and Maintenance Information)
  • 4.2 million maintenance plans and intervals (Repair and Maintenance Information)
  • Standardised

  • Comprehensive

  • For international use

  • Multilingual

  • Modular

  • Easy to integrate


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