Professional data management solutions

One of the biggest challenges for parts manufacturers and dealers is to best present your products in the market. With our solutions, you can professionally prepare and maintain your product and article data. You can meet your customers’ data format and quality requirements – also internationally, thanks to automatic translation into 35 languages.

Make your brand and product portfolio accessible to your customers worldwide as a data supplier to our TecDoc Catalogue, one of the world’s largest vehicle and replacement parts catalogues. The global catalogue solution allows you to optimise the visibility and searchability of your products at the point of sale.

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Advantage: your data directly in the customer’s hands

Parts manufacturers and dealers

  • Optimal visibility and presence of your products in the aftermarket

  • Tap into new markets

  • Simple data preparation with powerful management tools for data and product information

  • Meet customer requirements for data format and maintenance

  • Ensure data accuracy and quality

  • Simultaneous update of your data at all points of sale

  • Reduction of costs for communication, advertising and marketing

  • International coverage with data translation into 35 languages

How do I become a data supplier?

To become a data supplier, your company must have a certified production facility as a supplier of replacement parts or equipment to the automobile industry. If this is the case and you have the rights as owner or proprietor of the brand, it is easy to register it for our TecDoc Catalogue.

Detailed information on registering as a data supplier is available on this page: Become a data supplier.

Data Management Tools – customised and individual

We offer two different solutions to meet your individual requirements. Our professional tools for data preparation and data management provide a range of options, from simple data preparation to high-end data management.

 The basic equipment for our data suppliers.

With your data supplier contract, you will receive the DMM for the preparation and maintenance of your product data in the TecDoc format. The system assists you with the integrated check to ensure that your product data conforms to the TecDoc Standard. Use the pre-set transport paths for easy data delivery.

  • Locally hosted software solution for efficient data management
  • Support throughout the entire process chain with a wide range of standard functions
  • Autonomous regular reference data updates
  • Data export and import in the TecDoc format
  • Data validation against the TecDoc test catalogue
  • Integrated data delivery to the TecDoc Catalogue database
  • Editing option for context-sensitive graphics

 The premium solution for the most stringent requirements

The powerful CCU solution offers you convenient integration of parts information from the vehicle manufacturer (OE) and vehicle parc data (VIO). It is also useful for maintenance of other formats such as MAM or ACES/PIES. All the relevant data for your catalogue activities is available to you in one high-performance solution.

  • Fully integrated VIO and OE data
  • Reliable comparison of your data with OE data
  • 100 % accuracy in OE data research
  • Various reporting functions for portfolio analysis
  • Various data export formats possible
  • Always up to date with traceability of changes to data
  • Central administration and multi-user operation

The benefits of the Data Manager tools at a glance

  • Basic tool included with data supplier contract

  • Simple preparation and transmission of your data in the TecDoc format

  • International usability through switchable interface languages

  • Straightforward inspection of product data for compliance with the TecDoc data standard

  • Always up to date due to update options for reference data

  • Allows for integration of parts information from vehicle manufacturers

  • Automotive market analysis: analyse your product portfolio and identify potential gaps

  • Permits integration of vehicle parc (VIO) data

  • Maintenance of other formats such as MAM or ACES/PIES

  • Identification of sales potential at the parts level

  • Various configuration options according to individual requirements

  • Ready to use immediately due to complete integration, integrated data imports and tests


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