“Becoming a Data Supplier” – Frequently Asked Questions

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Ensure that your customers can speedily access your product data: becoming a TecDoc data supplier is the ideal opportunity to optimise the visibility of your products and brands to potential customers and increase your sales. Here we answer the most important questions for you. Please feel free to contact us if you don’t see your question here!

Any company that: manufactures spare parts or equipment or sells them to the aftermarket can become a data supplier, if it has its own brand. Sales partners authorised by the owner of the brand can also supply data to the TecDoc Catalogue. In each case, certification of the production site for the products must be shown.

The product data delivered by you will be available to your customers in the TecDoc Catalogue, one of the world’s largest spare parts catalogues. The TecDoc Catalogue provides workshops, traders and spare part manufacturers with vehicle identification and information on suitable spare parts, repairs and maintenance. The data is prepared in accordance with the TecDoc Standard. The modular structure of the TecDoc Catalogue provides customers the correct amount of data.

  • Workshops

  • Spare parts Traders

  • Original equipment manufacturers, parts manufacturers and the automobile Industry

  • Fleet operators, leasing companies and insurance companies

  • You can reach your customers in the independent automotive aftermarket (IAM).

  • You can present your products and brands to a huge public.

  • You can gain valuable competitive advantages.

  • You can extend your range and tap new markets.

  • You can increase your sales.

  • You can save time and Costs.

  • You can optimise your process operations.

Select the markets for which your products shall be visible in the catalogue.
In order to be interpreted correctly in the market, your product data must meet the corresponding quality requirements. Information for the data sets must be added in a standardised manner. Our tools can help you do this. When the contract is signed, you can use one of our solutions for your in-house data management. Or you can choose our full-service offer, where we convert your data for you.

For new TecDoc data suppliers, ‘data onboarding’ is the operation where we convert the data to the TecDoc data format. This includes the complete standardisation of the data. After publication, we can also carry out the continuous update management for you.

The following three tools can be used to prepare and maintain your product data in the TecDoc Format:

  • DMM: For preparing and transferring your data in the TecDoc data format

  • PMD: For data management with a locally-hosted software solution

  • CCU: For data maintenance with the integration of vehicle manufacturers’ (OE) parts information and vehicle parc data (VIO)

  • DMM – The basic equipment:
    You receive the DMM at no charge along with your data supplier contract. The system checks your product data for compliance with the TecDoc Standard. You can import your latest reference data at any time. We help you with installation (for which an Oracle licence is required) and offer you practical training.

  • PMD – The solution for enhanced requirements:
    With the PMD, you receive a locally-hosted software solution to integrate into your IT environment. Central brand administration boosts your efficiency. You also have expansion options and additional functionality, such as user profile management using a configurable roles-and-rights scheme.

  • CCU – The premium solution to meet the most demanding requirements:

    The CCU tool places all the data for your cataloguing activities at your disposal. It enables you to integrate vehicle manufacturers’ (OE) parts information and vehicle parc data (VIO); you can also maintain local data formats like MAM or ACES/PIES.

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Please feel free to contact us if you don’t see your question here!

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