Your benefits as a TecDoc data supplier

ACMA India has chosen to build an automotive parts catalogue for its members through TecAlliance, helped by its consortium partner Pitzo NewDelhi. To make it even more attractive, ACMA and TecAlliance have worked out an introductory offer with conditions and benefits especially suited to the Indian market. TecAlliance welcomes ACMA members to help make this joint effort a success.
To make it easy for you to become a TecDoc data supplier, we are providing all relevant information here. To become a Data Supplier now, just register.

Do you need assistance? We are happy to help you!

How do I become a data supplier?

Becoming a data supplier is easy. You just need to fulfil a few prerequisites and then send us your data to be included in the TecDoc Catalogue. We are happy to help with the transmission of data and conversion into the TecDoc exchange format by using our data onboarding and data update services.

  • As a supplier of spare parts or equipment to the aftermarket, your company has a certified production facility.

  • You have distribution rights for the brand, either as proprietor or through transfer of the rights to you by the proprietor

  • Choice of sales region

  • Data supplier contract

We offer three different solutions for your in-house data management:

  • DMM (free in conjunction with a data supplier contract) for the simple preparation and transmission of your data in the TecDoc exchange format

  • PMD, a locally hosted software solution for efficient data management with extra functions

  • CCU, a powerful PIM solution with the convenient integration of parts information from vehicle manufacturers (OE) and vehicle parc data (VIO)

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  • Transmission of data in the format you use

  • Cost forecasts and contract processing

  • Standardisation of your data i.e. linkages with our standardised product names, attributes and vehicle data

  • Conversion to the TecDoc exchange format

  • Preparation of the information for best product communication

  • Continuous update management for consistently high quality and current status

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