The solution for standardised data Analysis.

Whether parts manufacturer or trade: anyone operating in the independent automotive aftermarket (IAM) should regularly refer to data-based analysis and use the knowledge gained. With the Analytics Manager we give you a tool box that provides answers to important questions about the market, customer search behaviour and your own portfolio. You can then best adapt your portfolio to the current market situation and the latest trends.

The business intelligence solution offers you detailed analysis that provides optimal support in your core business and compact management reports for regular reporting.

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Advantages: numbers, data and facts as a basis for decision-making

Part Manufacturers

  • Optimise your portfolio with standardised reports on search and use behaviour

  • Increase sales with insight into actual market demand

  • Greater market presence by discovering untapped potential

  • Identify strengths and weaknesses in your product range and plan market-relevant parts development


  • Align portfolio, prices and availability to customers and market requirements

  • Determine sales potential and close gaps in the product line

  • Optimisation of supplier selection

Modules of Analytics Manager

The modules of Analytics Manager enable you to analyse the search and usage behaviour of your customers in the TecDoc Catalogue and to use these in your own planning. You can also evaluate and optimise your own product portfolio through standardised market and competitor observations.

At a glance: The modules of the Analytics Manager

With Demand Dashboard, you gain insight into customers’ vehicle and parts search behaviour through standardised and configurable reports. The information gained helps you to  tailor your portfolio to the market.

  • Data segmentation and filtering, drill-down functionality (e.g. by time/country/Region)
  • Cloud-based web application
  • Pre-defined analysis options
  • Simple and consistent use

The PMA (Product Management Analytics) module delivers data analysis and reporting for product line and portfolio management. Discover the strengths of your own product offerings and identify optimisation potential through gap analysis. This is achieved through continuous and standardised market and competitor observation.

  • Global availability through convenient online access
  • Simultaneous use by multiple users
  • International availability in different languages
  • Many different analysis options for passenger cars and commercial vehicles

Features and facts

Demand Dashboard

  • Pre-defined analysis options

  • Simple user interface

  • Data segmentation, filtering and drill-down functionality

  • Cloud-based web application


  • Step-by-step to a complete Excel report

  • Complete product line comparison

  • First-to-market options

  • Percentage of VIO coverage per country

Demand Dashboard

  • 250,000+ searches analysed per day

  • 700+ brands


  • 20 different standardised competitor analyses

  • 700+ brands

Data Consulting

For more extensive analysis and consulting needs, our IAM experts offer you customised individual data consulting services.

Our data consulting:

  • You gain reliable insights that give you a market boost, demonstrate your options and help you make the right decisions.

  • You benefit from new input as well as ideas and approaches to gain extra knowledge.

  • You acquire precisely the data and information that are truly relevant to your business.

  • Use the time savings and new-found efficiency to concentrate on your daily core business.

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