Processes in the digital aftermarket – optimised, automated, integrated.

Enhancing efficiency. Optimising costs. Increasing competitiveness. The pressure is growing to find ways to simplify collaborative processes and to make optimal use of the technical possibilities of the system. This relates to individual processes and the entire supply chain. TecAlliance keeps pace with all the ever-changing requirements of the digital aftermarket in an up-to-date and integrated from in its process portfolio.

Data management

At the heart of data management is the commercial data which turns products into merchandise and which must be provided by the parts manufacturer. This includes article numbers, minimum order quantities, list prices, early payment discounts, reductions, pallet sizes, etc. The faster and easier the process of providing this information, the higher the probability that an order will result.

These master data can also be used for gap and competitive analyses. Moreover, they permit projections concerning which products are needed in which quantities in which markets or which stage they are at in the product life cycle. Software-based solutions are also available for product information management.

Order to Invoice Management

It all begins with an enquiry from the parts manufacturer. The availability of the part in the manufacturer’s warehouse can be seen and the order initiated. Shipping, billing and delivery information is standardised in the order and supply chain. Even the potential return of a replacement part or the assertion of warranty claims is mapped in this integrated order process. Stocks are always up-to-date thanks to the direct online integration of the supplier’s ERP data. Subsequent orders can be automated depending on the parts dealer’s own stock levels. This process even integrates validation of the authenticity of replacement parts. This process, with services from a single source, is made possible by the optimised process solutions of TecAlliance.

Service, Maintenance and Repair (SMR)

We use the TecAlliance “Service, Maintenance and Repair Job Management” platform to connect fleet operators and leasing companies with the workshops that are contractually bound to them and to ensure that order approvals are automated. At the same time, the specifications of the vehicle manufacturers taken from their service plans and the individual rules of the affiliated fleet operators are taken into account. An intelligent body of rules and flexible integration options mean significant cost savings for the fleet operator and faster service in the workshop for the vehicle users.

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