Data for the digital aftermarket – structured, standardised, updated.

The availability of and access to vehicle and product information are the key to success. If vehicles and suitable spare parts can be identified without fail, the rest is easy. TecAlliance supports the aftermarket with a comprehensive database, with data management and research and, at the end of the day, with catalogues and reference books.

TecAlliance database

The TecAlliance database is at the very heart of the service portfolio. We collect vehicle and product data worldwide for automotive suppliers and parts manufacturers and work the wide range of data into a uniform structure based on our recognised “TecAlliance TecDoc Inside” standard.

The standard was defined in collaboration with the parts industry and traders to allow for the clear and unambiguous identification of generic articles. This makes “searching and finding” possible – whether you are looking for spare parts, a part comparison or repair and maintenance information.

TecAlliance data management & research

In the data management field, TecAlliance supports or takes on the task of data acquisition. With the aid of intelligent solutions, product data and repair information are converted into a standard form and validated. Only then is the data recorded in the TecAlliance databases.

The research area offers valuable information about current and future market trends. Searches in original-parts catalogues are a significant service. The Vehicle Parc Data, based on biannual updates, offers an international round-up of vehicles and vehicle stocks (Vehicles in Operation VIO), along with insights and forecasts.

TecAlliance catalogue

One major output is the catalogues that can be collated to provide a comprehensive information system on motor vehicles. Spare parts information is combined with repair information and technical data according to OE specifications and offered to the workshops. There is a wide range of issue formats: DVD, data packages, Web, Web shop, white label applications and many more. The data is regularly updated as a matter of course.

For the parts industry we offer a special catalogue service. We adopt and summarise the industry data and create reference books for print and Web applications for internal use in sales and at trade fairs.

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