From the automotive aftermarket to the digital aftermarket

The use of letters, telephones and fax machines, not to mention printed reference works, is declining in the workplace – in relation both to the searching for and finding of information and to every aspect of ordering processes between various market participants. These changes apply equally to the automotive aftermarket. The development of vehicles is already being shaped significantly by digitalisation, which is increasingly taking hold in the vehicles themselves and is set to further change information flows. As a result, progressive digitalisation at many levels is leading more than ever before to the transformation and networking of the market.

Even today, thanks to the digitalisation of data and the networking of information, participants in the aftermarket can use vehicle data quickly and easily. Processes run faster than they did in the past, and response times are shorter. All market participants are benefiting to a greater or lesser extent from higher efficiency, lower costs, greater knowledge and enhanced transparency in the spare parts market. The trend is continuing apace. Nonetheless, vehicle and product data, repair and maintenance information, and service plans are still of key importance. These are, however, being processed even more efficiently, filtered yet more, and even more intensively networked.

The automotive aftermarket is giving way to the digital aftermarket. TecAlliance is a strong alliance which is working with its partners to shape this market.

TecAlliance TecDoc Inside

“TecAlliance TecDoc Inside” – the TecDoc data standard is internationally recognised and is widely used in other systems. It is the seal of quality for automotive data of the highest class.

“TecAlliance TecDoc Inside” – the TecAlliance quality promise

The beginnings of the TecDoc standard date back to 1994. At this time, companies from the automotive supply industry and the German Gesamtverband Autoteile e.V. (GVA) founded TecDoc Informations System GmbH as a supplier of electronic motor vehicle parts information for the automotive aftermarket. The first electronic TecDoc automotive parts catalogue was launched with a run of 5,000 CDs in April 1995. For over 20 years now, vehicle and product data, plus repair and maintenance information, have been collected under the name of TecDoc, and the data standardised, prepared and provided with integration capability according to the TecDoc standard for data requirements. Over two decades, a globally recognised and widely used standard has been created which has significantly simplified information flows in the automotive aftermarket. It is also the very same database which is paving the way for transformation into the digital aftermarket.

Data sources, data security, up-to-dateness of data

These are data that you can rely on!

TecAlliance acquires its vehicle and product data as well as its repair and maintenance data from automotive suppliers and the spare parts industry. They now include approximately 600 companies and brands. New data suppliers are added every quarter.

New data are captured by TecAlliance, processed according to the uniform TecDoc standard, translated into 28 languages and made available in the TecAlliance database.

Every quarter, before the data is reissued, we review and evaluate all the supplied data in accordance with the defined criteria. After all, data users must be able to rely on the quality of the data provided. In this respect, the following maxim applies: Trust is good but control is better.

Countries and markets

At your service, wherever you are in the world…

Available in 29 languages. Represented worldwide. The partner to automotive suppliers, the spare parts industry, the parts trade and car workshops, along with fleet companies, leasing companies and insurance providers. This is what makes TecAlliance the industry leader in the professional digitalisation and dissemination of product and vehicle data as well as repair and maintenance information in the aftermarket.

TecAlliance locations

Data providers, data users

Give and take in a strong alliance

The data come from the spare parts industry. The data is revised on the basis of the “TecAlliance TecDoc Inside” standard and updated quarterly to be provided as an electronic catalogue on DVD and for Web and mobile applications. The users of this comprehensive and up-to-date vehicle and product data, along with the repair and maintenance information and service plans, are parts dealers, car workshop operators, fleet and leasing companies and insurance providers.

And what does everyone who links up with the TecAlliance solutions benefit from?

From searching and being found in searches – the crucial element when it comes to successfully selling replacement parts in the digital aftermarket.

All suppliers and users

Partner programmes

Get closer…

TecAlliance strives every day to make the automotive spare parts market even more efficient and to reduce costs in the value-added chain. Under the umbrella of TecAlliance you will find products and solutions to optimise your daily business. Thanks to our cooperation with selected partners, we ensure that

  • Market developments are detected early on and our solutions adapted accordingly, and
  • the labour and expense associated with implementation are reduced and your costs along the value-added chain are minimised.

The TecAlliance partner programme offers its members exclusive access to information and resources for our TecAlliance solutions. These include, among other things, comprehensive technical assistance in the implementation of interfaces and timely notice of new products and developments. Furthermore, in the context of regular exchanges of information, every partner has the opportunity to contribute its customers’ requirements and its own ideas and wishes to the TecAlliance solutions.

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