The TecDoc Mobile app, developed by TecAlliance for the automotive aftermarket, has already been downloaded over 100,000 times via iTunes and Google Play. The extensive mobile catalogue makes it fast and reliable to identify spare parts via iPad, iPhone and Android mobile devices.

The TecDoc Mobile app was developed for workshops, dealers and car owners, and is based on the TecDoc Catalogue database. A light version of this app with a limited search facility and database is available free of charge. To use the full premium version with access to original data including 620 brands, approximately 138,000 vehicle types and 5.7 million product items for the global vehicle stock, you can either buy a weekly or monthly subscription. Registered users of TecDoc Web can use their existing licence details to log in; however, the two solutions cannot be used in parallel under the same licence details.

The iOS version of TecDoc Mobile can be downloaded under the name “TecDoc Catalogue Mobile” via iTunes . You can download the Android app via Google Play.



Screenshots of the TecAlliance app TecDoc Mobile, which can be downloaded under the name “TecDoc Catalogue Mobile”.


TecDoc Mobile is also available as a customised version for parts manufacturers

TecDoc Mobile can also be customised for parts manufacturers and adapted to suit their requirements. In this way, the parts manufacturers are able to supply their customers with detailed information concerning items, sales outlets, current innovations and marketing campaigns in an efficient and modern way. The customised app allows you to reach your customers worldwide, present your product, company information at an entirely new level, and boost your product sales.

In addition to downloading it via iTunes and Google Play, the customised app can be made available via local Android stores in China (e.g. Baidu, MyApp) if required and there is a browser version to use with other mobile devices or PCs.



Examples of how the customised TecDoc Mobile app can be implemented