In April 2020, OptiCat, our subsidiary in the US, has introduced its revolutionary new solution “Load Sheets” that helps parts and accessories suppliers and distributors to exchange distributor specific custom data fields easily and efficiently. The solution was developed to simplify the process for suppliers to deliver unique new item setup data and other information to individual data receivers, based on their custom needs.

Many distributors don’t have a process to load new parts numbers into their systems. This is where Load Sheet comes into play: It sends as a single file and allows a supplier to provide its receiver with unique data fields that would otherwise have to be entered manually. The solution is fully integrated into OptiCat’s OnBoard Pro and OnDemand portals as a high-value, fee based additional service.

Only a few month after the launch we are proud to announce that OptiCat received the first-ever AASA Technology Council (ATC) Technology Innovation Award for its development.

“The OptiCat team is deeply grateful for this important award,” says Charley Johnson, Chief Executive Officer at OptiCat. “We believe that meaningful business process innovation is a key to moving our industry forward in a fast-moving business environment. Deepest thanks go out to the AASA Technology Council for acknowledging our team’s focused effort to provide great solutions for our customers.”

The Automotive Aftermarket Suppliers Association (AASA) is recognised as one of the strongest and most prominent organisations connecting suppliers of aftermarket parts, chemicals, tools, diagnostics, and technologies to what matters – including industry analysis, peer forums, customer and technology trends, global insights, and government advocacy. The AASA Technology Council (ATC) provides a forum for networking, thought leadership, sharing of best practices and addressing technology issues for leaders that manage all areas of business technology.