OptiCat, our subsidiary in the US, has introduced a powerful and revolutionary new solution that helps parts and accessories suppliers and distributors communicate distributor specific custom data fields easily and efficiently. 

The new OptiCat product is called “Load Sheets”, which is designed to simplify the process for suppliers to deliver unique new item setup data and other information to individual data receivers, based on their custom needs. More specifically, “Load Sheets” address the needs of distributors who require product information that is not accommodated by the industry standard Auto Care Association PIES data fields.  

This new product is ideal for securely handling unique data fields and types such as internal product line codes, distributor specific pricing, unique country codes, direct ship information, buyer designations, and others. Literally any type of unique product information can be securely shared between suppliers and distributors using “Load Sheets”, and distributors can also use “Load Sheets” for their own internal and external secure communications of information. The new “Load Sheets” tool is fully integrated into OptiCat’s OnBoard Pro and OnDemand portals as a high-value, fee based additional service.