2020 was a very unusual year. A year that probably no one had expected. For all of us 2020 will be a year to remember, but even though it held many challenges, it gave us the opportunity to learn from it. Together with our partners we’d like to share our key learnings as well as our hopes for a better future ahead of us.

Below you find the answers to our questions:

1) What did you learn from 2020?

2) What are your expectations for 2021?


1) 2020 taught me that without health everything is nothing.

2) For 2021 I want us to use the digital transformation as an opportunity to firmly anchor sustainability in our automotive aftermarket.

1) In 2020 I learned, due to Covid, the importance of mobile working or in other words home office.

2) For 2021 I wish that we find ways to deal with the Covid situation better, so that we can all take a step closer to normality again.

1) The Automotive Aftermarket is incredibly resilient with the market bouncing back faster than the overall world economy. Notwithstanding that we have been able to make strong progress in the new markets signing up a record number of new accounts as data suppliers.Overall we have been able to achieve our financial objectives reflecting what a good team we have. At the same time customer feedback has been largely positive so we are on the right track it seems.

I have worked from a home office environment for 20 years but the last eight months have been a serious challenge. Had I not been able to get out on the golf course at the weekends I would have gone mad.

I have missed the personal face to face contact both with colleagues and customers alike.

2) I hope the Covid-19 vaccine will help us to live a more normal life again, which includes travelling and meeting my friends, colleagues and family all over the world. I hope that more face-to-face contact with our valued customers will be possible again.

I also wish for the European Commission to come down hard on the Vehicle Manufacturers for not respecting the new regulations regarding open access to vehicle data.

Hopefully we continue down our path to globalisation capitalising on the progress of 2020.

1) It is not necessary to meet people (your team or customers) in person, tools like “Teams” can help quite a lot. Nonetheless personal contact is still very important as you cannot “feel” the mood of the counterpart via online meetings.

The team is the key to success (even more in a situation like in 2020) and clear communication is key to a great team.

2) The option to travel from time to time, to see people in person, e.g. my team on Tenerife.

I wish health for the team and their families.

I hope we will keep the good spirit and of course, a continuously challenging task board.

1) I learned that everything comes differently than you think but optimism and flexibility help to ensure that everything turns out well in the end.

2) For the next year I wish that all of us continue to maintain the spirit of changes as we return to normality .

1) 2020 taught me to hold fast to your vision! Future scenarios might come true much faster than you think. Many years ago, TecAlliance IT prepared for a global digital workplace. To work from wherever you want! No one thought, we could need this for the entire company in nearer future. All over sudden, it became the most import thing to keep business running. Always prepare for tomorrow!

2) I wish any automotive player to survive this crisis and understand that a crisis is also an enabler to speed up development. It brings future closer to you. When we have past these times please think about what next step of technical evolution can be. Working remotely has become strong reality in 2020, Artificial Intelligence and Augmented Reality will conquer market next. Let’s get ready.

1) In 2020 I learned that an invisible virus can turn the world upside down and that the arithmetic between health and economy is very complicated.

I learned that it is possible, that your living space is also your working space and life keeps going on even though it is different now.

I learned that we start to miss physical meetings when we haven’t had them in a longer time, but that we need to make sacrifices for those we love. Which means being apart physically, but together digitally.

We all learned that digitalisation is not a choice, but a must and we, as TecAlliance, know that we can contribute to speed the automotive aftermarket digitalization.

2) In 2021 I would like to see a world less polarized and more “human”, collaborating to move forward. I would like to see vaccines available for everyone in the world so it can be possible to meet family, friends and colleagues safely again.

I would like to see TecDoc information in any garage, shop or wholesaler in Brazil, connecting and digitalizing our market.

Above all that, I wish to see that we all learned a lesson from the Covid situation and that, in the Future, we start to behave better in our private social life as well as the professional.

1) 2020 taught me that it is most important to trust you Team. It was the best experience I made this year, because only together with your team you can be successful.

2) For next year I wish the Covid situation to be less aggressive so that we can concentrate on the people around us again without being sacred to infect someone or to get infected.

1) Personally, I’m very lucky to be working for TecAlliance especially during a worldwide pandemic. Having an employer who is flexible and who gives all the employees the freedom to do what they can in a crisis like this… I don’t want to take this for granted.

In 2020 I learned that working from home fulltime is possible, even with children in the house. With good planning & managing your own expectations in regards of: you can’t do it all perfectly, it’s special times which need a special approach towards everything, work & private 😉.

2) I hope that we remember 2020 as being a year where change has started. Not only change in our approach of working together in regards of home office and doing a lot more digitally, but especially in our approach toward each other on the personal level.

Everyone experienced this year differently, some people where very happy working from home, having more family time due to no travel, being more flexible with their hours but others have felt social isolation, didn’t know how to balance their work/private time and we must acknowledge this as human beings & as team members try to help each other and understand another person’s situation. I believe within our company we have done this in 2020 and I really hope this kindness will continue into 2021 and beyond.


“Covid-19 was the central topic in 2020 and put us all to the test. The good thing about it: This experience has made the incredibly strong cohesion at Berner clear to me. I am convinced that with this committed and motivated team we will also be successful in 2021. The current situation has also shown me that we are exactly right with our omni-channel strategy. Digital channels such as our cooperation with TecAlliance are an elementary part of this strategy”.

1) Year 2020 taught us in Allegro.pl, to listen to our customers even more than before and to adapt to their needs, despite all circumstances.

When the “old economy” distributors slowed down due to Covid restrictions, e-commerce players had to take a new role and deliver consumers an easy, quick, convenient and, among all, safe shopping experience.

2) Apart from the obvious “stay healthy and get rid of Covid”, we wish all of us, to return to pre-pandemic normality, meaning meeting with our friends, travelling safely and doing all the things that were somehow limited to do this year.

1) This extremely serious health crisis, which affected the entire world in 2020, has tested us all terribly. It has called into question our professional and personal certainties. For the past three years, we have been resolutely focused on the development of an omnichannel strategy focused on services and the customer experience, and even in the worst of times, we have held firm in this direction. Our priority has been the safety of our employees. Thanks to their commitment and to our social partners, we have demonstrated transparency, flexibility, adaptation and agility in order to stay the course and serve our customers while respecting health regulations. In 2019, the company celebrated its half-century of existence… In 2020, despite this terrible pandemic, we are still standing. The wheel has never stopped turning and it’s not about to stop!

2) We believe in the future, in new business opportunities with the development of new professions, and with our team of dedicated and motivated employees, we are optimistic for 2021!

1) In 2020 I learned how important it is to talk to customers in person, despite the good digital communication possibilities. Especially when it comes to topics like quality, service and data management, the personal contact is very important.

I am grateful, that we can rely on our virtues such as innovation, quality, service and diligence. Without these qualities, things would certainly look much worse.

2) For the year ahead I wish some normality to return, so that trade fairs, events and personal meetings can take place again.  I wish that we all get through the crisis well and the reason comes in as actionism. On top of that I wish that we can convince our customers of the special feature of our products.

1) We are fortunate to have completed 2020, as successfully as it currently stands. We’ve made great strides in the overall development, WERBAS.net and WERBAS. Cloud, and have been able to achieve many new functionalities and process improvements. We have pursued our “Strategy 2030” and created the foundation for it.

We’ve positioned ourselves for our customers in such a way that we can continue to work together successfully. Especially in the area of interface integration, many new portal adjustments have been made. Our customers voted us as a finalist, in the race for the ERP system of the year in the category “platform ERP” which we really appreciate.

2) Health for all and economic security for our customers that necessary investments can be made. Clear guidelines in the automotive environment and the corresponding support from the EU for the “Independent Aftermarket (IAM)” to strengthen the repair and maintenance market.

It would also be desirable for our customers to become even more involved with digitization and process improvement, to try out these possibilities, to get to grips with them, and then to implement them in a process-related manner. Then we will also master 2021and be successful together.

1) I learned that it doesn’t matter where you live or who you are, all our lives changed immediately, once the pandemic hit. Plans changed or were completely cancelled. Goals were put to the back side.

I missed hugs, face-to-face conversations and the typical “tapeo” with friends, birthday parties etc. You don’t realise how valuable these moments are until they can’t happen anymore.

I learned to appreciate the true value of family. Covid has definitely limited my shopping journey. The pandemic has really helped me to recognise a need versus a want. And I understand now that the simplest things like a smile are more valuable than a material object.

I noticed that certain essential employees are vital to achieve a good lifestyle, such as the grocery store workers, teachers, farmers, delivery guys, janitors, etc. I can’t imagine what our world would look like without them.

2) I hope that people can re-evaluate life in general and realise that the more important things in life are for free. I wish that everyone is grateful for their families, friends, relationships…

I wish for a world united by hope, love and understanding and a new appreciation and more care for the beauties of nature so that future generations can enjoy it like we do. Our world needs kindness and respect for all beings, no matter what our differences might be. We should use the struggles of 2020 to find the silver lining and move in a positive direction.

1) 2020 taught me to value the small things which are really important to me, such as the freedom to meet and hug my family, to walk freely in a park, to travel and to smile without a mask.

I learned to manage my spare time productively and how important it is to set yourself shot-term objectives. I spent a lot of time this year to get the boat and sailing license and this goal helped me to focus on something I like and reduced anxious thoughts about an uncertain future for my young daughter, my family and me.

I recognized how important it is to keep personal relationships also in the business and that people appreciate and need the frank and honest interest very much.

2) For 2021 I wish to be free to meet people and to travel safely again. Furthermore, I hope that the European countries start to think and act like one.

But beside all that I really want to put on my favorite lipsticks again!

1) 2020 was extraordinary due to Corona and therefore extremely instructive: It made people aware that life-whether business or private – is a risk. Neither the state nor any other institution can completely relieve us of this risk.

The year has also shown how people and organizations can rise above themselves under pressure. Many shortcuts were taken – we reached goals that were previously considered unattainable, or at least could only be reached by taking the detour of lengthy discussions.

2) I obviously hope that life will return to normal so that we can enjoy our personal and business life without corona measures. I also hope that we can maintain the dynamics and flexibility that we have gained in our organizations, and that we can continue with the steps towards digitalization.

1) In 2020 I learned that the production in Austria is an important success factor.

By producing in Austria, we have been able to accelerate our own and customer-related product developments.

Having a diverse and high-quality product range in Austria was the big advantage in 2020 of LUKOIL Lubricants. We supply all products in all containers and with Austrian added value.

2) For the next year I wish that delivering premium products and premium service is our credo.

We want to get better every year and challenge the big ones, that will be the case next year as well.

The year 2020 has shown that we are a reliable partner through our own value chain.

Many dealers came back to us, my wish is that it will continue next year.

1) It has been a bit of an eye opener to experience the speed and the extent to which a virus can be spread in a globalized society. Furthermore, it has been quite an experience to find out how pervasive and severe the effects of the spread have been on both daily life and business. I have been surprised to find how many of our habits we have been forced to change because of the current COVID-19 situation. At the same time, I am very satisfied to see how fast we have been able to adjust and how relatively little our business has been affected.

2) Most importantly I hope that effective vaccinations will be released and accessible for everybody. Hopefully – at least to some extent – we will be able to return to everyday life where the restrictions on socializing and travelling will be revoked. It is inevitable that the pandemic will have a negative socio-economic effect on all countries, which I hope will not have to big an impact on business in general. Finally, I hope that the positive development we have been experiencing since summer will continue.