Parts manufacturers, wholesalers and garages handle their returns processes quickly and easily in an online portal with the Order Manager module Warranty & Returns. The solution saves time and administrative costs, increases transparency and customer satisfaction. You want to learn more about it? Attend one of our webinars in May 2020:

Webinar “Introduction to Warranty & Returns” in English:
September 20, 2020 2 – 2:45 pm CET register here

Webinar “Introduction to Warranty & Returns” in German:
September 20, 2020 6 – 6:45 pm CET register here

Webinar “Introduction to Warranty & Returns” in Spanish:

September 20, 2020 4 – 4:45 pm CET register here…

Customers in France: GOLDA will be offering you dedicated information on Warranty & Returns separately. Please stay tuned!

Perfect solution for warranty and returns processes

Our module covers your warranty and returns processes:

  • reclamations of defective vehicle parts
  • legal or manufacturer’s warranty
  • return of misdelivered vehicle parts

Based on the information in the claim and additionally uploaded documents (e.g. photos or videos), the parts manufacturer can decide if a free replacement or refund is granted or not and inform the submitter in real time. The reduction of unnecessary transports contributes to the protection of the environment. However, the parts manufacturer can also use the solution to request the return of a defective part and provide shipping documents to the claim submitter.

Traders save at least 50 percent of process costs

Garages and wholesalers can immediately create and forward warranty and return claims in the online portal free of charge and without installation effort. Creating a claim is quick and easy because the process is supported by TecDoc article and vehicle data.

  • Keep track of the status of your claims at all times in the central administration portal
  • Increase customer satisfaction
  • Save time and reduce your process costs by at least 50 percent

Manufacturers reduce compensation cases

Defects or wrong deliveries can happen. But short response times and efficient support make all the difference and ensure happy customers! Without implementation efforts and with favourable package or flat rate prices you can take your returns and return management to a new quality level.

  • Customise the digital claim form to your needs
  • Integration of TecDoc data reduces faulty entries in claims
  • Export claims in CSV format and process them in your ERP system
  • Reduce the risk of compensation cases through quick response times

Start now with the digital handling of warranty and returns claims

If you are interested in Warranty & Returns and want to learn more about it, attend our webinars where we explain the functionalities and benefits, show the solution in a live demo and answer your questions.

You are already using the Order Manager, have a TecCom ID and want to give it a try? Go to the Order Manager Online Portal, login with you user account and create your first claim.