Automotive aftermarket suppliers often face challenges to bring their customers under one consolidated platform to streamline their business processes. Especially the customers from foreign markets are critical to communicating through a common platform. The suppliers are increasingly looking beyond the comfort markets to improve their profitability and reaching out to customers in newer markets.

Its realized, suppliers catering to foreign markets beyond the EU and some smaller markets within the EU experience obstacles to offer their services to new customers.

Challenges faced by the suppliers:

Many of the suppliers connected to Order Manager platform do business with buyer organizations that are not on the platform. Therefore, it’s a challenge for the suppliers to maintain scattered relationships with different buyers. On the other hand, buyers sometimes shy away from using advanced technologies due to the lack of resources or capacity.

To address the scenario, Order Manager team developed a simple solution for the suppliers, integrated into the Order Manager platform.

How the new tool from Order Manager addresses the challenge:

Order Manager, the largest B2B e-commerce platform in Europe for the automotive aftermarket industry developed a new integrated tool called ‘Rollout tool’ that addresses the above challenge.

The team developed Rollout Tool that helps a supplier connect his customers (external of Order Manager) to the Order Manager platform in just one easy step.

Benefits and opportunities for the suppliers:

  1. Simply use the tool integrated into Order Manager interface to invite your customers
  2. Use the auto-generated link to include in your website for the potential customers
  3. Create as many links as needed on the Order Manager platform
  4. Connect with any customer(having an email address) in just one step
  5. Customize invitation or rollout based on the customer relationship
  6. Moderate Business Relations requests from the customers
  7. Reduce manual efforts and man-hours to manage customers
  8. Allow your customers to do more with ordering
  9. Quick response to the customers and manage documentation directly on the platform
  10. Increased possibilities of business growth

Benefits for the buyers/new customers

  1. Be present on a connected digital platform without going through a long integration procedure involving support
  2. Opportunities for quick order placement and response
  3. Different possibilities with ordering car parts
  4. Easy accessibility to stock, availability and delivery information
  5. Get connected directly to your supplier with managed Business Relation

How Order Manager team supports a complex back-end interface to simplify the tool for the suppliers:

  1. The team supports for both scenarios of customer-specific or a generic link to rollout invitation
  2. Ensures a simplified and accelerated registration process
  3. Directly connects the customer to the supplier within a few minutes
  4. Sets up all the required configurations including Business Relations (for customer-specific links)

Note: This tool is exclusively for the buyer organizations that are not a part of Order Manager platform. Suppliers need to use the Business Relation self-administration tool to connect to the existing Order Manager buyers. 

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Receive a full overview on the usage of your Rollout Tool

  • How many buyers have registered
  • Details of the registered organizations and TecCom IDs

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