Returns are a tiresome issue for all parties involved – also in the automotive aftermarket. According to the experience of our customers, up to 10 percent of all ordered replacement parts are returned for various reasons. The handling is expensive, time-consuming and the transports are a burden on the environment. the return processes are greatly simplified through digitisation. The new version 2.0 now offers even more opportunities to save time and process costs with additional functions.

It usually takes at least ten minutes to fill in a paper-based form for a warranty or return claim. And the manufacturers require different information and have specific processes. The manual effort for the applicant is therefore very high and the process is error-prone.

Our Order Manager module Warranty & Returns has many advantages for wholesalers and workshops. In the Order Manager Online Portal, they can immediately create and submit warranty and return claims – free of charge, without prior installation of any software and in less than three minutes.

New functions for easier use

The new version 2.0, which has been available since August 2020, offers a whole range of functions that further simplify the processing of warranty and return claims, e.g.:

  • Create new cases even faster
  • New design for better overview
  • Return up to 999 items in one claim
  • Easily attach photos, videos and documents via QR code
  • Easy selection of articles from previous orders thanks to a link to the Order Journal
  • Clarify questions regarding the claim directly with the chat function
  • Number plate search for vehicles in France, Holland, UK and Ireland
  • Connect all workshops with the Garage Link
  • Parts suppliers can adapt all process steps according to their individual requirements
  • The Rollout Tool allows parts manufacturers to connect all customers worldwide with one single e-mail

One tool for all claims

Integrated TecDoc product and vehicle data support the user in filling out the digital claims form. Wholesale dealers can reduce their process costs by at least 50 percent, significantly reduce processing time and increase customer satisfaction by using Warranty & Returns.

Parts manufacturers can use the information from the digital claims form and additionally uploaded photos or videos to decide whether a free replacement or refund is granted or the claim is rejected. The claimant is informed of the decision in real time.

If a defective part has to be returned, the claimant will immediately receive the necessary shipping documents. Unnecessary returns can also be avoided thanks to the detailed information provided in the claim. This reduces costs and actively contributes to environmental protection.

You are already using the Order Manager, have a TecCom ID and want to test Warranty & Returns? Click here to go directly to the Order Manager Online Portal.