The internet application Order Web (TecWeb 5.0) is a proven solution for electronic order processing. Purchasers can query availability through an online dialogue and order spare parts. In 2017, users were provided with eight new releases containing the following new functions and improvements including:

  • Improvements in the shopping cart functionalities

Shopping carts and favourites can be saved as “public”. This way all employees of this organisation can amend the shopping cart or the favourites. It is now also possible to move parts from a saved shopping cart to a different shopping cart.

  • Cloud integration

With the cloud connected, journal entries can be automatically downloaded and stored for an indefinite period. IFD files can also be uploaded for an automated ordering process.

  • Optimisation of enquiry and order processes

After an enquiry or order has been sent, it is possible to continue working in Order Web (TecWeb 5.0); this makes it possible to work on multiple enquiries or orders at the same time. A notification system has been introduced that provides information about the status of the shopping cart and sends it to that shopping cart.

  • Implementation of the membership profile for suppliers

Suppliers now can set general preferences (for example, currencies, material handling and manufacturer identifiers) in the shopping cart; they can also show their own company logo. For express orders, general options, shipping methods and required and supported fields can be defined. In addition, suppliers may add settings for enquiries and stock orders. They can also add informative text.

A PDF document with an overview of all the innovations can be downloaded here. Detailed information about the individual functions is contained in the Order Web (TecWeb 5.0) guide. Further information on the automation of purchaser-supplier processes with the Order (TecOrder) solution is available at TecAlliance website. You can register as an orderer via the direct link TecAlliance Customer Support will be happy to answer any further questions.

Welcome screen, Order Web (TecWeb 5.0)