Our Repair and Maintenance Information (RMI) solution, which is also integrated in TecDoc Catalogue 3.0, contains a series of checklists on various topics, which workshops can use to offer their customers optimum advice and transparency and thus build trust. Our experts have created working documents for the most common work processes, which support the workshop in the often hectic daily routine to plan and carry out all work completely correctly, to retain customers in the long term and to generate additional sales.

Since 2018, RMI has been supporting workshops with checklists on the following topics:

  • Tyre change check,
  • Spring check,
  • Brake check,
  • Direct acceptance check,
  • Final inspection check,
  • Preventive wheel alignment,
  • Holiday check,
  • Hood check and
  • Winter check.

After each check, the workshop employee hands over a clear list to the customer, allowing him to see at a glance what work has been done – and thus giving him the good feeling of being able to rely fully on his workshop.

In addition to the nine checklists, there are now three new ones available, which we would like to share with you!

1. General diagnosis checklist

This checklist facilitates troubleshooting for the workshop by working with the customer to isolate the symptoms of the fault.

The defective component can thus be identified more quickly and efficiently. This increases customer satisfaction and the efficiency of the workshop.

2. Corrosion protection check

With a regular corrosion protection check, damage to the paintwork or bodywork can be avoided. Costs can be minimized, and the durability of the vehicle increased, if the rust is rectified promptly.

3. UVV test

UVV means accident prevention regulation. The so-called “vehicle inspection” is regulated in § 57 para. 1 of the accident prevention regulation “Vehicles” (DGUV70). In Germany, commercially used vehicles must be inspected at least once a year by an expert for their safe operating condition. Private vehicles used for official or business purposes are not affected by the UVV.

Please also visit our Workshop Center with interesting background information, best practice examples and expert interviews or contact us for more information about RMI.