With the goal of attaining a new dimension of data quality in the TecDoc Catalogue, TecAlliance steadily works on defining new validations, KPIs and recommendations for data suppliers to raise the quality of data in the catalogue. In particular, the task of successively expanding the ‘Certified Data Supplier’ certificate to include additional KPIs and quality recommendations is on the agenda.

In order to ensure that the quality of data in the TecDoc Catalogue, one of the world’s leading motor vehicle spare part catalogues, is always at the highest possible level, TecAlliance uses defined quality criteria to check the product and application data provided by parts manufacturers on a quarterly basis. Data suppliers that fulfil these requirements at a particularly high level receive the title of ‘TecAlliance Certified Data Supplier’.  

Over the course of the year 2019, TecAlliance is introducing a new management reporting system as well as a new automated validation system for the translations of text modules. The development of new data quality requirements is being promoted in collaboration with industry and trade to make the assessment system even more capable through the inclusion of additional KPIs (key performance indicators) in the future.  

‘Data quality management’ for happier clients 

Catalogue data is currently subjected to a comprehensive data validation process during each update. Furthermore, the supplier evaluation procedure is carried out on a quarterly basis. This procedure uses defined KPIs to evaluate the electronically verifiable quality characteristics in particularly relevant segments within the supplier data. Parts manufacturers are informed of the results of these evaluations so that the data can be improved continuously.  

“For parts manufacturers to be successful in the automotive aftermarket, it is crucial that correct and up-to-date catalogue data is available at the point of service at all times. The quality of the catalogue data decides how clients perceive their customer journey at the ‘touchpoint’ of parts identification”, explains Andreas Assmann, Director Data Quality Management at TecAlliance. Customers have a positive experience if they can perform the parts identification reliably, correctly and quickly using the available catalogue data. 

Certification promotes trust in data quality 

Therefore, there is a direct correlation between data quality and the quality of the decisions made. Information needs and information supply must converge for the data quality in the TecDoc Catalogue to be excellent. This is the only way to ensure that the catalogue data fulfils its purpose.  

“If the catalogue data optimally supports the part identification process, it leads to long-term commercial success and creates faith in the TecDoc Catalogue database”, explains Andreas Assmann. Credibility and trust can be increased and strengthened through positive experiences and suitable certificates that confirm that the data meets a high quality standard. 

Good catalogue data leads to efficient and effective parts identification and ordering processes as well as a continuous increase in the quality of decisions at the point of sale. The fundamental objective of all quality measures is to keep improving the most important quality characteristics of the catalogue data – accuracy, up-to-date status, completeness and comprehensibility 

Stepwise introduction of new validations, KPIs and recommendations for improving catalogue data quality, in close collaboration with industry and trade 

Over the course of the year 2019, data suppliers will be informed of the evaluation results of the new automated validation system for the translation of text modules. The data suppliers will then be able to correct and adjust their data accordingly – If necessary, TecAlliance’s employees will assist them during this process. “We seek a constructive dialogue with our data suppliers and data users so that together we can take the quality of the data in the TecDoc Catalogue to a new dimension”, stresses Andreas Assmann.

This section provides more information about the TecAlliance data suppliers, tells you who has already been honoured with the ‘TecAlliance Certified Data Supplier’ certificate and specifies the steps to be followed for a parts manufacturer’s product data to appear in the TecDoc Catalogue. 

TecAlliance Certified Data Supplier’ quality seal

Data suppliers who fulfil TecAlliance’s criteria and quality requirements at a particularly high level are honoured with the ‘Certified Data Supplier’ quality seal.