Since last year, we have been working at full speed to optimize data quality in the TecDoc Catalogue. With new validations and Key Performance Indicators (KPIs), we are also establishing a new quality status for data suppliers. In addition to the already well-known and established award as “Certified Data Supplier (CDS)”, data suppliers can now also achieve another higher award level, namely that of “Premier Data Supplier (PDS)”.

We are continuously working on improving the data quality in the TecDoc Catalogue. With the introduction of new requirements for our data suppliers in the form of validations and KPIs, we are ensuring that our TecDoc data aligns even better with the information needs at the point of service. Data suppliers who now fulfill the conditions for the “Certified Data Supplier” designation as well as the new KPIs successively introduced since 2020 will receive the “Premier Data Supplier (PDS)” status, which is higher than the CDS. In addition to the different weighting, the two statuses differ from each other in that the KPIs on which they are based and which must be fulfilled in order to achieve the respective award are aimed at two different levels. The status of the CDS is more limited to the TecDoc guidelines or basics in the underlying KPIs. Whereas the KPIs that have to be fulfilled to achieve the new PDS status go significantly beyond this and include, among other things, the evaluation of data content.

We support you in meeting the new quality measures!

We support you as a data supplier in optimizing and preparing your data. For this purpose, we have added corresponding new functions and validations in our data management tool, which make data preparation even more convenient and simple. You receive detailed reporting on the current status of your data quality on a monthly and quarterly basis. These reports directly show you the potential for improvement that will massively improve your data, which you can then address in a structured manner.

In addition, we offer you individual data service for the concrete implementation of individual measures. Feel free to contact us for more information.

“Premier Data Supplier” creates trust and distinguishes exceptional data quality

Today, more than 700 brands are represented in the TecDoc Catalogue, one of the world’s leading aftermarket catalogs. It comprises more than 110,000 vehicle types, 6.6 million item data from more than 700 brands, 254 million links and 48 item groups. Already celebrating over 25 years of global recognition, the TecDoc standard ensures the highest data quality, comparability, efficiency and transparency in the global automotive aftermarket. With the new status of Premier Data Supplier, we honor the commitment of data suppliers whose data meet the high quality standards in an extraordinary way and thus contribute to sustainable sales success. After all, it is only through this cooperative partnership that we can increase confidence in the TecDoc database.

The evaluation of the data suppliers on the basis of the newly introduced status “CDS vs. PDS” will take place with immediate effect and will be applied for the first time in the data supplier evaluation on 02.03.2021 in the form of a PreView. In the subsequent assessment on 02.06.2021, the first live supplier evaluation will take place. There, the “Certified Data Supplier” and “Premier Data Supplier” awards will be given to the qualified companies or brands. In the data and solutions, we will mark the brands that have achieved PDS status accordingly.

If you have any questions about our data quality management, please feel free to email us at:!