TecOrder is the B2B platform for optimisation of delivery and enquiry processes connecting spare parts manufacturers with traders. In online dialogue, part traders can view availability, clarify delivery schedules and order parts.

Reverse messages from parts manufacturers can confirm orders, give notice of deliveries and deliver invoices. Since September 2014, there is a new version of the software TecConnect that supports the transfer of enquiries and orders into the suppliers’ ERP systems.

TecConnect makes available a range of integration options. These make it possible to process synchronous and asynchronous enquiries and orders sent to the supplier via the TecCom network. Version 4.0 includes the following new technical developments:

  • Database support for SQL servers
  • Better support for external databases (database cluster Oracle/SQL)
  • Switch to the data provider ODP.net for more flexibility, speed and stability when using Oracle servers
  • Upgrade to the new database architecture CO40
  • Optimised and expanded administration tool
  • New code basis: For more security in the future, the development code was ported from C++ to C#