The changeover to the new TecAlliance data management tools (Data Management Modules (DMM, PMD)) has been in full swing since April 2017. With these tools, TecDoc data providers can record, import and export their item data; link to TecAlliance Vehicle ID, TecAlliance Article ID etc.; check their data against the TecDoc standard; and submit it to the TecDoc Catalogue database. In the new systems, the reference data has been updated and expanded on a monthly basis since July 2017. This enables all changes to reach the market much more quickly.

In order to make the changeover as smooth as possible, all customers were contacted by TecAlliance by telephone. The migration was planned jointly and customers supported during the testing and changeover. 195 brands were ready for data delivery with the new system by the data delivery in July 2017. The changeover of the missing brands is already being planned.