The Order Manager app has been available for free download from the Google Play Store since July 2018. This app makes it easy to use an Android mobile device to fill the shopping cart from absolutely anywhere and transfer it to your Order Manager account (previously TecWeb 5.0). The app will also be available for iOS-based devices by the end of 2018.

With its comprehensive range of functions and practical architecture, Order Manager is the multi-functional tool to provide optimal support during the entire order-to-invoice process. An intuitive user interface provides access to all the TecAlliance process modules for the supply chain. These include order processing (Order), electronic invoicing (e-Invoicing), warranty and returns processing (Returns) as well as article information (Collaborative Managed Data). The most important benefits of the integrated solution are the cost savings and the speeding up and simplification of processes due to automation and digitisation.

The individual modules can be used separately or as a complete solution as required. They interlock like cogwheels to feed information to each other. Integration in an ERP system is also possible. Order Manager is an online solution that is complemented by the newly-developed mobile app to find a product even faster.

To log in to the app, just enter your usual Order Manager user name. Fill in the shopping cart name and select the organisation and supplier. Then add articles by entering the article numbers or using a barcode scanner. In the final step, transfer the shopping cart to your user account. The next time you use the computer to access the Order Manager, the shopping cart filled using the app will be shown in the shopping cart manager. There you can check the shopping cart and add more information before executing an enquiry or order.

In just a few steps, you can fill the shopping cart and transfer it to the Order Manager for later additional processing.

The app can be downloaded at: