Our daily business is full of choices. Every day we have to face countless of them. Always trying to make the right decisions.

“It’s all about performance. When you are a parts manufacturer, you need to have answers to the questions like: How often have my products been searched? How is my brand performing? How is the market developing? How can I optimize my portfolio?”, says Jens Störmer, Product Owner Demand Dashboard at TecAlliance.

Our mission is and has always been to support the Independent Automotive Aftermarket with data driven solutions. That’s why in 2018 we started to track data, that nobody else in the market can provide: the user behavior in the TecDoc Catalogue. By analyzing the data we can give you answers on the questions that challenge you in making the right decisions.

The Demand Dashboard assists you in your efficient product planning. It gives you information about market share and feedback on marketing activities. Using data from across Europe and Asia, it helps you to monitor the development per product group and article.

The solution is cloud-based and easy to use. It is updated daily to show you real-time market demands. You can keep an eye on your market presence and compare yourself with the competition.

To give you an idea about how to work with the Demand Dashboard we take a look at a typical use case. Let’s say you are a product manager at a part manufacturer who needs to decide which 2 out of 10 potential candidates for a new product should be launched first. In the first step you need the report “Usage data for Most Searched & Most Selected OE Numbers”. Then in the second step you sort the figures by popularity and get an indicator of which kind of products the market demands. And then, you make the right decision.

The information we use in the Demand Dashboard are also used for our consulting services, in the PMA and – to close the circle – in the TecDoc Catalogue itself. With the gained information from the search behavior, we will expand the user experience of the TecDoc Catalogue and improve the product. As we know which parts a searched in combination or a put together in the shopping basket, we will be able to give good shopping recommendations to the users.

Watch Jens Störmers’ presentation of the Demand Dashboard containing real market insights on YouTube: https://youtu.be/TObrzi8aNRw

If you are interested in having a live demo with your data, or have any questions regarding the Demand Dashboard, just contact you Sales Representative.

Learn more about the analytics products of TecAlliance: https://www.tecalliance.net/en/products-and-solutions/analytics-manager/