Business Lease, an international leasing company, is now implementing the TecCOO solution in Slovakia and the Czech Republic to calculate maintenance and wear and tear charges based on manufacturer-compliant data.

“We have decided to work together with TecAlliance as they have considerable expertise in calculating maintenance and wear and tear costs. The staff are extremely professional and addressed our needs in a highly competent manner,” said Andrea Čalkovská, Fleet Analyst at Business Lease Slovakia, explaining their choice of TecAlliance. “The regular data updates enable a precise cost calculation. And the time we save by calculating the costs with TecCOO can be invested in our core business,” says Andrea Čalkovská.

MRT team manager Tomáš Hyan from Business Lease in the Czech Republic is convinced that the TecCOO solution will be highly beneficial. “As long-time clients of TecAlliance, it stood to reason that we would also be interested in the TecCOO solution. It is especially useful to us in our automated cost calculations. Unlike other data sources, with TecCOO we can quickly compare information that is relevant to us, like maintenance costs. The ability to combine our own expertise in the calculation process and to adapt the OE data accordingly in a flexible way gives us a real competitive edge,” Tomáš Hyan says, summing up the reasons for using TecCOO.

Business Lease is based in Zeist in the Netherlands, and has subsidiaries in Poland, Romania, Slovakia, Czech Republic and Hungary. The subsidiary in Slovakia was established in Bratislava in 1998, while the office in Prague opened in 1996. It has been using the TecRMI solution called TecAUDIT in Poland, Slovakia, Czech Republic and Hungary since the start of 2015. It checks the repair and maintenance orders and invoices based on manufacturer-compliant working positions and prices.