Athlon Car Lease, one of the leading leasing companies in Europe, works in the Netherlands with MivarGroup, the local TecRMI sales and development partner of TecAlliance for the Benelux countries.

In order to optimise handling and invoice checking processes for maintenance and repair orders Athlon will use the solution MiCheck-REQUEST. MiCheck was specially modified to meet the market requirements in the Benelux countries; it is based on the Web services of the TecRMI solutions TecAUDIT, TecCOO and TecCONTROL that were developed for the fleet and leasing businesses. Since 1 January 2015 the solution is in live operation at Athlon and offers access to the manufacturer-compliant data of TecRMI.

“We are very happy about the cooperation with Athlon”, says Chris Kimman, director of MivarGroup. “The cooperation confirms the quality of the technical information as well as that of the solutions we modified especially for the Benelux. The decision for the right data combined with the right systems is decisive for success in the fleet business.”

Christian Bergmann, Director Sales Fleet & Leasing at TecAlliance, also emphasises the importance of the cooperation. He says, “The realisation of this project by Mivar was also an important milestone for TecAlliance to establish the TecRMI data and solutions in the international fleet business.”