TecAlliance supports Indian manufacturers’ initiative “ACMA Safer Drives”

Ismaning, Germany June 17, 2020 – Since 2019 TecAlliance, one of the world’s leading data specialists in the independent automotive aftermarket (IAM) has been working closely together with Hella India Lighting Ltd., one of the first TecAlliance data suppliers in India, and the Automotive Component Manufacturers Association (ACMA) to implement a standardized and reliable replacement parts catalog that enhances road safety. The easy-to-handle catalog solution simplifies the identification of the right high-quality replacement parts. Workshops will know which part to install, increasing vehicle safety. Safer vehicles will help to solve India’s road safety crisis.

The Indian aftermarket is one of the biggest in Asia. But the automotive aftermarket is becoming more fragmented, as more vehicle models enter the market. In addition, the technology is constantly becoming more complex. This makes it harder to identify the right spare part.

Hella India Lighting Ltd., ACMA and TecAlliance’s Indian team are working jointly on a database solution that will help suppliers, wholesalers and workshops in many ways.  A standard catalog enables everyone to access genuine high-quality replacement parts. Wholesalers and workshops get a better overview of the replacement parts that are suitable for each vehicle. Suppliers can meet international quality standards and strengthen their positions in the global market.

“Standardization is not possible without the cooperation of the ecosystem. And it’s up to us as a leader of the aftermarket to bring people together,” emphasizes Rama Shankar Pandey, Chairman of ACMA and Managing Director of Hella India Lighting Ltd.

Every day, millions of Indians use the roads and about 450 of them do not return. Some of these accidents are caused by vehicles that are unfit as a result of defective safety-critical replacement parts.

The Indian government has  initiated the Three ‘E’ Safety Policy, which features Engineering, Education and Enforcement. The government also works closely with industry associations to address these issues and introduce standards for aftermarket parts.

Rama Shankar Pandey

Rama Shankar Pandey

“There will be fewer accidents on Indian roads if installed replacement parts are genuine, correct and safe. This is the idea behind the ACMA initiative ‘ACMA Safer Drives’”, explains Rama Shankar Pandey. He adds, “We inform all stakeholders: mechanics, traders and drivers. We make them aware of their responsibility. If they install a wrong or faulty part, an accident could happen and someone might be injured or killed.

To avoid this, it is important that all participants work together to ensure that only genuine high-quality replacement parts are used. This is what TecAlliance is bringing to us. It’s very easy to use the catalog, whether via the web, the mobile app or the CD.”