Autozona, the leading Italian consumer platform for vehicle replacement parts from the independent aftermarket, relies on the TecDoc database for the identification of vehicles and replacement parts and has now also decided to use the TecRMI module TecTimes.

TecTimes provides reliable job time estimates based on manufacturer data that make possible the exact calculation of repair orders.

The Autozona web site has over four million visitors per year and covers 30 percent of all repairs in Italy. Five hundred calls per day are answered; so far orders from 100,000 customers have been processed. For vehicle and replacement part identification Autozona has been using the TecDoc database for several years. In order to further improve its portfolio of services, Autozona will be working with a network of 700 workshops in order to offer customers not just the parts but also their installation.

In order to implement this new service Autozona is counting on TecAlliance’s expertise as the leading European service provider for automobile information systems and software in the international replacement part market. TecRMI, the specialist for repair and maintenance information under the roof of TecAlliance, offers the module TecTimes in order to provide customers with reliable data for the calculation of job times and the preparation of the respective replacement part packages.

TecTIMES includes estimated times based on vehicle manufacturers’ data with the original job item numbers. The automatic preparation of replacement part packages guarantees the correct calculation and correct ordering of all necessary replacement parts. Exactly matched to the vehicle and/or the components the order is individually prepared for each step of the job. Through the direct link to the TecDoc WEB CATALOG the right replacement parts are automatically selected for the matching job times. All equipment variants und their specific job times are considered in the selection criteria. Additional items such as setup times are shown separately and also automatically considered in the calculation.

You can find further information about Autozona on the web site More details of the module TecTIMES can be found on the TecRMI website.