Weikersheim, 08. September 2017 – At the start of the training course on 1 September, TecAlliance welcomed a total of 17 new apprentices and cooperative programme students at the “Tauberhöhe” business park in Weikersheim. As the company steadily grows, so does the range of training opportunities. TecAlliance is now one of the leading international providers of digital data and software for vehicle replacement parts, maintenance and repair. TecAlliance’s graduates have been among the best in the Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Heilbronn-Franconia in Baden-Württemberg.

To kick off the training, TecAlliance organised – as it does every year for its new trainees and students – a welcome party with various team activities to help the newcomers to break the ice. As part of the subsequent introductory week, in which the training management team as well as apprentices and students from higher years participate, the starters are given an initial overview of their own fields of activity and those of others. TecAlliance takes great care to ensure that the training educates the incoming participants in all relevant specialist areas, offers them the chance to work autonomously and independently, promotes teamwork and thus creates an open and informal work atmosphere. The Heilbronn-Franconia Chamber of Commerce and Industry hands out awards to the best trainees in the various training fields. TecAlliance is regularly judged to be among the best every year in the field of IT specialists.

Since 2016, TecAlliance has been offering options for those wishing to train as IT management assistants or as management assistants for IT systems. This is in addition to training IT specialists (application development – system integration). It is also possible to gain additional certificates, such as those for training or different specialised subjects. The academic part of the course for IT specialists is held at the Klara-Oppenheimer vocational school in Würzburg. TecAlliance is a “gold partner” of DHBW Mosbach

[Cooperative State University] and has been offering various cooperative programmes since 2010, including courses leading to a BSc (Information Systems – Applied IT), a BEng (Innovation and Product Management – International Technical Sales Management) and a BA (Online Media – International Business). DHBW students receive their theoretical training at the Bad Mergentheim, Lörrach or Mosbach campuses. Within the scope of the internal training at TecAlliance, the trainees and students also undertake extended work assignments at the three sites in Ismaning, Weikersheim and Cologne, and in the future, they will also work in Maastricht.

Jürgen Buchert, Managing Director of TecAlliance GmbH, said: “For TecAlliance, it is very important that we train the next generation ourselves, so that qualified professionals can be tied to our company in the long term. This way we are not only offering young people great future opportunities, but we ‘old hands’ and our customers benefit from it, too. This is because the youngsters bring fresh momentum into the company, which helps us to continuously optimise our business processes and remain competitive in the future with new ideas.”

Training Manager Kerstin Langohr is sure that an apprenticeship at TecAlliance is an attractive path for many young people: “In 2017, the training team grew to 47 apprentices and coop students. This forms one of the largest teams within TecAlliance – young people clearly like coming to us. After all, the apprenticeship and cooperative degree programmes at TecAlliance present an interesting mixture of varied specialist content, numerous opportunities for active participation, a modern and international environment and a partnership involving everyone.”

About TecAlliance

TecAlliance has been compiling vehicle data, spare parts data and repair and maintenance information worldwide for over twenty years. The data is collected for all manufacturers, prepared according to the TecAlliance standard and provided to parts distributors for ordering purposes and to workshops so that they can perform competent repairs and maintenance on vehicles. Thanks to the high-tech solutions, this varied data can be filtered and given out to suit the needs of diverse participants in the market.  As one of the world’s leading suppliers, TecAlliance sets market standards in spare parts information and vehicle descriptions.

This digital data and information base enables workshops, trade and the parts industry to work together in a highly efficient manner. Fleet and leasing companies and insurance providers benefit from the OE specifications when dealing with maintenance and wear and tear work.

Over the years, further services have been added in process optimisation. The parts industry, the parts trade and workshops worldwide all benefit today from the wide range of data of the TecAlliance platforms on which all the supply, demand and approval processes can be integrated and efficiently carried out. With these solutions, TecAlliance is permanently and sustainably improving electronic business processes amongst the partners in the digital aftermarket.

Today at TecAlliance, over 500 qualified employees from 26 countries around the world, with profound technical and industry knowledge of the automotive aftermarket, work tirelessly to make data and processes more efficient.

TecAlliance – the international driving force for data, processes and integrated solutions in the automotive aftermarket.




TecAlliance welcomed a total of 17 new apprentices and students at the “Tauberhöhe” business park in Weikersheim, for the start of the training course. The new TecAlliance trainees and students, 2017: (from left to right) Back row: Christoph Schwantes, Yannik Henke, Andreas Wörrlein, Dennis Wohlfarth, Anna-Lena Martin Middle row: Marc Hornung, Lennart Hahn, Dennis Streck, Fabian Schurk, Jan-Luka Meirich, Moritz Fink-Neckermann, Nathalie Krug Front row: Nadja Schindler, Berna Alieva, Jasmin Hoffmann, Alexandrina Yaneva, Jana Reuter

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