In a short video, TecAlliance provides a first look at the solution portfolio in the fleet and leasing segment: the SMR Job Management (TecControl) solution for the automated online administration and processing of workshop orders from approval to invoicing, SMR Invoice Verification (TecAudit) for manual invoice checking using manufacturer-compliant data such as spare parts prices and job costs/times, and SMR Cost Forecast (TecCOO) for calculating expected costs for maintenance and wear for passenger cars and light commercial vehicles.

TecAlliance solutions stand out due to their clear focus on the needs of the auto fleet market. The high level of quality and the ongoing optimisation of data standards give specialists in the vehicle fleet industry reliable indicators to help them make decisions.

The video can be viewed on the TecAlliance YouTube channel Detailed information on the individual solutions is available on the TecAlliance website: SMR Job Management (TecControl), SMR Invoice Verification (TecAudit) and SMR Cost Forecast (TecCOO).


Click on the image to open the video “Service Maintenance and Repair (SMR)”.