David Kopp, Senior Sales Manager Partnership

David Kopp, Senior Sales Manager Partnership

Efficient teamwork always has two sides because it is simple and difficult at the same time. Each team member carries his or her own suitcase of experience, in both positive and negative senses.  Different life experiences lead to different expectations when working together. The team faces the challenge of working together to unite this diversity and at the same time completing new tasks. David Kopp, Senior Sales Manager Partnership in our Business Unit Data Manager Trade, knows these challenges all too well. He began to work from home in 2008.  He joined TecAlliance in 2016; since then he has been successfully utilising his many years of experience as a home-based worker to handle key account management issues and his team.

# Communication is open, honest and respectful

Good communication is the be-all and end-all in collaboration, whether in the office or working remotely. “I work in an international team of six people”, explains David. ”Collaboration tools are indispensable for us. They cement our collaboration and made it more efficient even before the corona crisis. At TecAlliance we benefit from digitisation. Using communication tools is nothing extraordinary. It is all quite normal, whether it’s GoToMeeting or Skype. We prefer using Microsoft Teams. “

“Switched-on cameras are not a must, but they help us to feel closer to the team members and strengthen the team’s cohesion. We meet regularly via Tim. That’s our nickname for Teams”, David adds with a smile.  “We use the tool booth with customers and internally with our colleagues to be close to our customers and to keep ourselves up to date.”

# Project Management and problem solving

Special times require rethinking. It is important to break up previously lived structures, also within the teams. Each team member should contribute with ideas and input. “This depends on the people”, David comments. “From my point of view, I can be more agile and reactive by using modern communication tools. We are strongly customer-oriented. If a customer needs support, we have to tackle his problem first and to find the best solution in the shortest time. Original plans and targets must be adapted to changing circumstances, which requires creativity and active decision-making. “

# Leadership and improvements

“Somebody’s got to call the shots. As a manager it is important to create an equal understanding for all team members. And it is just as important to have confidence in your employees”, David adds. “If there is a need to talk, we talk, of course. But trust them 100 percent. They know their jobs, they know what to do to support the customers’ needs.”

“TecAlliance is an agile company that includes varying degrees of agility. I would like to work even more in the agile style and become more agile when working with other teams.” David points out, “Staying agile and reactive, we need to consider the technical and sales departments as more of a team. What would also be desirable are greater transparency overall about what is happening with the solutions and closer synchronisation with the needs of our customers.“