Enabling the digital aftermarket.

With the pooled expertise of TecDoc, TecCom, TecRMI and Headline!

The spare parts market is growing and changing. Data must be available more quickly, processes leaner. The TecAlliance brand combines all the experience of the long-established companies TecDoc, TecCom, TecRMI and Headline. TecAlliance sees itself as the international driving force behind data, processes and integrated solutions in the automotive aftermarket. And this you can rely on:

Being found in the digital aftermarket –
All relevant product and vehicle information on demand

Benefit from a professional database –
Efficient, effective and transparent information and data streams

Be part of a large community in the digital aftermarket –
Size, community and partnership for your success

Benefit from integrated processes –
Proven workflows, multi-sector benchmarks, expertise

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TecAlliance product portfolio

Integrated solutions for the automotive aftermarket


Data is the key to success. TecAlliance offers vehicle data, product data, and repair and maintenance information – comprehensive, up-to-date, international. The data has a uniform structure and is based on the internationally recognised standard – “TecAlliance TecDoc Inside”.

Find out more about the TecAlliance database of vehicle and product data, the research options,and the TecAlliance catalogues.

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Ever faster and ever more efficient: such is the trend in the automotive aftermarket. The pressure is growing to optimise processes in house and the entire supply chain. These requirements are reflected completely in their most up-to-date form in the TecAlliance process portfolio.

Find out more about TecAlliance data management and interesting analytical tools, order-to-invoice management, and service, maintenance and repair (SMR).

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Beratung und Services
and services

Up-to-date vehicle and product data and integrated processes are important. And it’s just as important to have a partner by your side who can offer you advice and support in every aspect of analysis, selection, implementation and day-to-day operation.

Find out more about the TecAlliance consulting services, data delivery, and implementation. Also learn about the support we offer and the technical hotline.

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Products and solutions

Products from A to Z …
Browse the entire company-wide portfolio of TecAlliance products and solutions for the automotive aftermarket. Broken down by market participants, applications or simply from A-Z. Find out about the benefits you will enjoy if you use TecAlliance in your company.

Integrated solutions for the automotive aftermarket. In this informational video you will quickly gain an insight into the data, processes, and consulting services provided by TecAlliance in the automotive aftermarket.

The TecAlliance vision

The future of the automotive aftermarket

Wherever we turn in our lives and our work, and wherever we go in the world, we are confronted by digitalisation. The automotive aftermarket is not immune from this development. Digitalisation is opening up great opportunities and new business models. Always assuming that the market players provide the information requested of them and network with one another.
The goal of TecAlliance is to provide the aftermarket with data on every aspect of motor vehicles from a single source and to offer its support in the transformation to the digital aftermarket. Spare parts manufacturers, parts dealers and workshops, fleet and leasing companies and insurance providers have been counted among our customers for decades. They actively use the data that we collect from manufacturers all over the world, process according to the recognised “TecAlliance TecDoc Inside” standard, filter according to their different information needs, and distribute it to the market. At TecAlliance, our in-depth knowledge of the sector means that we are familiar with multi-stage structures and processes. Integrated solutions improve digital communication between market participants and facilitate cooperation.

TecAlliance is your partner for data, processes and integrated solutions in the digital aftermarket! Find out more about our portfolio and products.

Customers of TecAlliance in the automotive aftermarket


The number of vehicles and models is growing fast. As is the number of possible spare parts. The challenge for any automobile repair shop operator is to maintain an overview, and to find the right part and install it correctly. The TecAlliance products and solutions help workshops to keep track!

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Parts dealers

As a parts dealer, you should have every possible spare part available, preferably at a moment’s notice. This requires a clear view of the market and close, fast and smooth collaboration with the world’s many parts manufacturers. Process optimising solutions from TecAlliance give the efficiency of parts dealers a lasting boost.

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Parts manufacturers

Making spare parts is one thing, getting them out to the market quite another. What matters is simply for your own spare parts to be found as quickly as possible. Anyone who is visible in the TecAlliance catalogues will improve market access. If you use the research options you will know sooner what’s happening in the market and be able to act accordingly. In fast-changing markets, this is always a boon.

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Insurance providers, fleet
and leasing companies

For fleet and leasing companies and insurance providers, everything revolves around cost. The service plans of the car manufacturers are the basis on which comparisons of economic viability can be made and are also the cornerstone of optimal vehicle management. TecAlliance has the right tools for efficient job management.

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