Data Delivery

The data supplier can supply validated data to TecDoc/TecAlliance as a data package through the data delivery function.
It contains the following sub-functions:

  • Guidance through the entire data delivery process (data packaging, filling out the delivery form, data transfer)
  • Verifying the data quality and quantity combined with an explicit approval by the data supplier
  • Ordering TecDoc to use data from a previous delivery.

The following functions are available:

  • New/Continue: A data delivery can be done. Further information can be found under “Implementation”.
  • Abort: A running data delivery can be aborted. Upon execution it receives the Aborted status and an end timestamp.
  • Download: A data delivery can be selected from the list upon which the corresponding data package can be downloaded.
  • Send: After selecting the data delivery the data package can be sent to the FTP server.
  • Refresh: The list is refreshed.
  • Delete Package: The data package of the selected entry is deleted.


The following steps are required for a data delivery:

  1. Import the TecDoc brand key. This step is required only once. (see build-up below)
  2. Select the relevant brand for the data delivery from the list.
  3. Select the data validation
    • Initiate the validation of new data
    • Carry out a full data validation
    • No further validation
  4. Show the validation results
    The data delivery can only proceed once all reports here are acknowledged.
  5. Delivery Form: the Complete button only becomes active once the following required fields are filled out:
    • Name (Contact Person and Stand-In)
    • Telephone (Contact Person and Stand-In)
    • Email (Contact Person and Stand-In)
    • Transfer Type
    • Both checkboxes below are ticked.
    • Indicate whether the data is supposed to contain prices through the checkbox “Prices to TecDoc”.

    After a click on Completion the data package (control and data files) is generated and archived.

  6. Upon a successful completion the user is returned to the overview window where the latest data delivery is now listed as well.

Data Delivery Package Structure

The data delivery package consists of 2 files, a control file (*.also known as a ready file) and a zip file that contains the product data, images, documents, files for the supplier assessment, and a delivery note. When the data is transferred to the FTP server, the control file should be sent last. The programme receiving the data can recognize that the transfer is complete when it receives the control file.

Control File

Example: 0002-20140123094309.ready
Contents: <Data Supplier Number.>-<Created Timestamp YYYYMMDDhhmmss>.ready
It is a multiline CSV file which uses the semicolon as a separator. A line break is coded as in DOS format.

Data File

The data file consists of a zip file (i.e.

Outer Structure: Contents: <Data Supplier Number.>-<Created Timestamp YYYYMMDDhhmmss>.zip

Inner Structure:

  • Folder ValidatedData: Contains the data in the form of exported TecDoc data tables (TAF).
  • Folder Documents: Contains the referenced images and documents.
  • Folder ValidationProtocol: Contains the data validation log files (Overview.txt and Summary.txt)
  • File packingSlip.xml: Packaging data of the data delivery

Handling Errors

Errors that occur during the delivery process (i.e. disk full, cannot connect to database, and so on) are reported through the standard DIMS error display and causes the data delivery process to abort. Supplier assessment In the data package’s zip file, the two relevant files for the supplier assessment can be viewed in the folder ValidationProtocol. •liefbew_prot.csv – validation protocol file with data on the frequency of messages that have appeared •liefbw_stats.csv – code number file / statistics

Data Channel Management (DCM) – Nur PMD R2

Traget of DCM is to channel the contained dat for diferent usages. Solution for that in PMD R2 is to mark this data with “intern Flag” as “not TecDoc”.

Now you can mark articles and linkages as “internal”.

The datadelivery processes only data, which is marked as “internal”. This means statisticse and the exportierted data contains no internal data.

Supplier rating

You can view the 2 files of your supplier rating in the zip archive of your supplier package in folder ValidationProtocol.

  • liefbew_prot.csv – Validation log incl. frequency of arised messages
  • liefbw_stats.csv – Key figures / Statistics