Headline Holding BV, the specialist in OE vehicle and product data and a provider of global vehicle parc data that TecAlliance acquired in December 2015, will release new data at the beginning of February 2016.

This update of the fully specified car parc data will include all vehicles in the market at June 30th, 2015. This means that Headline is just a mere 6 months behind the market ensuring the car parc data is as up-to-date as possible. The release will be simultaneous for all 75 countries in Headline’s portfolio. The more than 60 attributes available will enable pinpoint accuracy in the identification of all the vehicles.

More specifically, for the segment below 7.5 tons, which includes passenger cars, terrain cars and light commercial vehicles, the data release will cover 75 countries. By contrast, for the heavy duty segment, which starts from 7.5 tons and includes trucks and buses, the data delivery will cover 36 European countries in addition to South Africa and Mexico. Furthermore, Headline is currently preparing the car parc data for a number of new countries, namely Puerto Rico and Belarus, bringing the total to 77.

Headline recently also started with the introduction of a completely new segment, namely agriculture tractors. In February, Headline will roll out agriculture parc data for the countries of Germany, Poland and Turkey. This particular data will also be fully specified and cover an equally vast spectrum of data attributes. In the next months, the agriculture parc data will also be available for a number of additional countries like for instance Switzerland and Croatia.