Article information from the German company HAZET, one of the leading tool manufacturers in Europe, is now also available in the TecDoc Catalogue.

“We have decided to make our article data available in the TecDoc Catalogue because the TecDoc data standard is internationally recognised. This allows us to provide our customers in the spare parts trade and in the workshops with up-to-date article information at all times,” says Carsten Scholz, Marketing & Advertising Manager at HAZET, explaining the decision to work together with TecAlliance.

In 2016, the TecDoc data standard was supplemented with the areas of workshop equipment, tools and special tools, workshop supplies, DIN and standard parts, factory equipment and occupational safety. This facilitated the exchange of all products that are required in retail and workshops via standardised structures.

You can find the full list of all TecDoc data suppliers on the TecAlliance website.


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