Customer satisfaction is key in creating long-term relationships. We are proud that the product information management software “PartCat” from our subsidiary JNP Soft is used daily by more than a quarter of the top 100 companies in the US automotive industry. The PIM System can be utilised by a variety of stakeholders, from auto parts manufacturers, distributors to retailers. We received a great deal of praise from Cheryl Krabbenbos, North American Catalog Manager at Delphi Technolgies.

“In 2015 Delphi Technologies began using the PartCat catalog system provided by JNP Soft. We immediately noticed a vast improvement in our editing, analysis and reporting capabilities compared to our previous system. The ability to mass load/edit any portion of our data was a tremendous time saver to our catalog team“, explains Cheryl Krabbenbos. “When dealing with more than half a million application records, the idea of not having mass edit capabilities is rather daunting. The Overlap reports, Overpopulation reports and Missed Coverage reports are also incredibly useful, along with many other reports and features that are offered by PartCat, too numerous to mention here. These tools have greatly increased our productivity, as well as the accuracy of our catalog data. Their customer service is also incredibly responsive and some of the friendliest people I have dealt with in this business.“

„Our adoption of PartCat was indeed timely as we have greatly expanded our products over the past several years, including the introduction of our Steering and Suspension line, and our ever expanding coverage of our other lines including Fuel and Engine Management. PartCat stood up to the challenge of this increased workload and proved to be a tremendous resource in managing the data and getting it out to our customers on time and in the proper formats“, explains Cheryl Krabbenbos.

„We have been very pleased with our relationship with the folks at JNPSoft and feel that the PartCat system was integral to Delphi Technologies winning the ACES and PIES Content Excellence Award for Large Catalogs (over 250K applications) at the 2020 ACPN conference. Thank you JNPSoft for providing such a powerful product to the Automotive Aftermarket.“

Positioning our North American brands OPTICAT & JNPSoft under one umbrella really paid off for us. As a powerfull group of companies and we’ll continue leveraging synergies the next year to extend our lead regarding global automotive aftermarket data solutions.