Thanks to its numerous advantages, rubber has become indispendable in the automotive industry. The super-stretchy material is resistant to several chemicals used in a vehicle and can withstand heat and cold. Megacell International is a leading supplier of premium quality automotive aftermarket REM and OES parts – from Thailand to global markets. Its Mchanix brand parts can be found in vehicles all over the world helping people enjoy a smooth and safe ride. We are happy that these parts also found the way into our TecDoc Catalogue for some time that we can look back at a long-lasting, strong relationsship. It was now time for our partner to launch their own catalog.

Headquartered in the heart of Bangkok, Mchanix produces all kinds of rubber and rubber-bonded automotive parts, including engine mountings, center bearing supports, strut mounts, control arm bushings, suspension bushings, spring bushings, stabilizer bar bushings, CV boots, steering rack boots, air hoses, radiator hoses, and much more.

Mchanix and TecAlliance have one important point in common: Many years of experience and deep knowledge in the fields of data management and replacement parts in the independent automotive aftermarket (IAM). For more than 25 years, TecAlliance have been supporting all the relevant players in the task of the quick and precise identification of repacement parts and vehicles, as well as optimised automated and digitised process solutions along the entire IAM supply chain. Over the same period of time, Mchanix built a strong brand presence in over 25 countries spread across 5 continents. The company has always been export-orientated with a global mindset, leveraging their expertise in both the Thai manufacturing industry as well as the export process and requirements of foreign markets.

The objectives and strategies of both companies fit well together right from the beginning. In addition to Asia and North and South America, the TecDoc Catalogue is particularly widely used throughout Europe. It is absolutely essential for suppliers like Mchanix to include their data in the world’s leading parts identification system, which also contains repair and maintenance data. With the TecDoc Catalogue, products are in the public eye at the point of sale, where they are needed. International standards make collaboration easier and save costs and time.

Since Mchanix has over 10,000 parts in its range across 30+ product lines, the company has now made it easier for both them to manage and their customers to access this range. We also appreciate that Mchanix develops more than 250 new parts a year! Mchanix has officially launched its new Web-Catalog that provides customers a complete, advanced, first-of-its-kind solution for a Thai-based manufacturer. Access to the Web-Catalog:

We are proud that Mchanixs brands are listed in our TecDoc Catalogue. As part of this integration process, the company has also mapped their Web-Catalog range to our TecDoc Standard with linkages to the vehicle models and applications, making it easier than ever to find the right part for specific vehicles. “Together with our data partner TecAlliance we have done our best to ensure the accuracy and integrity of the data and linkages. And this is just the beginning. We have already begun working on Phase 2 with additional functionality and features that we will launch soon,” says Mighil Johny Massoud, Export Manager.