Ninety percent of TecAlliance customers rate the handling of their matters by Customer Support as “good” or “very good”.

Since the introduction of the so-called “Case Rating Index” (CRI) in July 2014 more than 14,000 customers were sent emails to ask about their satisfaction with the resolution of their inquiries; the response rate since then has been 8.9 percent.

If the evaluation was negative the customer was contacted again by telephone in order to discuss the critical points at length and gather suggestions for improvements. These specific tips from customers are particularly valuable for the continuous improvement of our Customer Support.

The “Case Rating Index” has played a role in substantially improving the quality of customer care: The percentage of satisfied and very satisfied customers has improved since July 2014 from 76 to 90 percent. As a total the Case Rating Index now stands at 5.31 out of 6, which corresponds to a total rating of “good”.

Bernd Neumann-Mahlkau, Vice President Customer Services at TecAlliance, is very pleased by the positive development. “The introduction of CRI has led to better understanding in our Customer Support for the needs of our customers. Using it we have been able to improve the quality of our service noticeably and sustainably. We are continuing to work on further improvements for our customers. This is why we encourage them to respond intensively to the inquiries about our support,” says Neumann-Mahlkau.