The global diversified manufacturer of industrial and automotive products, Gates Corporation, expands its market position in Brazil with the TecDoc Catalogue

São José dos Campos, Brazil October 29, 2020 – TecAlliance, one of the leading data specialists connecting the digital aftermarket, now offers its customers comprehensive and high-quality data from Gates Corporation. The global automotive parts manufacturer has taken an important step towards driving digital data in a structured format by integrating its product data into the most important database for the identification of vehicles and replacement parts, the TecDoc Catalogue. The implementation of TecAlliance‘ PIM solution Carsource Catalog Utility (CCU) also helps Gates to optimize its catalog management processes.

Gates is one of the world’s largest companies in manufacturing business, supplying automotive parts to more than 30 OE manufacturers worldwide bringing that same quality, reliability, and performance to their OE-equivalent aftermarket parts. The U.S. company specializes in manufacturing a variety of hoses, belts, pulleys and drives. An important role plays the easy and regular transmission of data from one reliable source to their trading partners. The TecDoc standard enables this worldwide provision of organized, high-quality data which leads to time savings, cost benefits and competitive advantages. “TecAlliance’s tools allowed our regional teams to develop structured data and standardized processes for product management. They also allow us to transmit and share content with our customers in a quick, easy to use format“,” explains Jonathan Amo, Director Global Aftermarket Catalog & Product Application at Gates. “This partnership is part of commitment by Gates to innovate and modernize its digital capabilities to offer a consumer experience that is personalized, easy, efficient and ultimately, on par with the best eCommerce companies in the world,“ adds Amo.

Bringing structured data and standardized processes to the Brazilian automotive aftermarket

Gates has been active in the Brazilian IAM for 52 years and has built up experience and high brand recognition. All products of their four product lines are listed in the TecDoc Catalogue Brasil now, so that workshops, retailers and wholesalers can easily identify and fit accurate parts into the vehicles.

Since 2015, Heloísa Monzani, Managing Director Brazil & Regional Sales Director South America at TecAlliance, and her team have established the regionalized version of the TecDoc catalogue as the leading system for the independent automotive aftermarket. The database already contains data from 74 Brazilian part manufacturers.

“Being present locally makes it easier to react precisely to the demands of the market and the customer needs. It is the key to success. Gates helps us to deepen the market position of TecDoc as a strong catalog data standard in Brazil and to strengthen our global footprint with local expertise and services. From a parts manufacturer’s point of view, it is helpful having a strong strategic partner like us to speed up their digitization in the markets. Both sides benefit from this cooperation. They make their article data available and become part of the TecDoc Catalogue. In this way they can increase their reach and tap into new markets which contributes to a boost in sales”, explains Monzani. “TecAlliance do Brasil is the unique company who researches OE parts for Brazilian car fleet and this partnership with Gates also speed up and increase product lines and coverage of this product.”

Benefits from Gates’ point of view can still be extended. “Brazil is hungry for more data, even with a strong relationship with the EU car parc, the TecDoc catalogue will make it much easier to communicate our portfolio of application and product information. Even if you have multiple trading partners, and each partner needs data in a specific format TecDoc allows for one standard in delivering this data instead of multiple formats”, Amo sums up.

Optimization of cataloguing activities with high-performance data management

For managing data, Gates uses the TecAlliance’ PIM solution Carsource Catalogue Utility (CCU) that also combines parts information from vehicle manufacturers (OE Data) and international car parc data (VIO). In this way the company optimizes its data management and gets a better view of market potentials to even better tap the full sales potential on parts level. “CCU has provided us a path to remove manual processes and spreadsheets from our business and move into a structured database, creating a data standard that is deliverable to each of our channel partners,” explains Amo. The CCU system has been implemented in each region including Brazil allowing Gates to maintain application and product data customized to each business. “TecAlliance plays a critical role in this process. The biggest piece of the puzzle was developing a standardized vehicle table and VIO data that brings useful car parc information to each market. In the past, having clear visibility to the car parc in each region was difficult. TecAlliance has implemented a structure and vehicle research that has allowed local resources to know the specific detail in their regions,” adds Amo.

In November 2020 TecAlliance launches a campaign of free of charge use of the TecDoc Catalogue Brasil for new individual users.

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