TecAlliance will be publishing new Vehicles in Operation (VDP, previously AutoStats4All) data during the month of August 2017. The update will include all vehicles registered up until 31 December 2016.

The updated VIO data will be made available in the TecAlliance Vehicle Data Portal (previously AutoStats4All).  Teams are currently hard at work on a number of specific projects to fine-tune the VIO data even further.  Some projects have been concluded while others are ongoing.  The changes will be implemented in our new VIO Data delivery in August.

Here are a few examples:

  • The Japanese VIO data has been revised thanks to a Kei car project. This is a Japanese category of small vehicles, including passenger cars, microvans, and pickup trucks.  The project has resulted in an elevated total VIO figure for Japan that is more in line with the actual situation in the country.
  • Brazil and Argentina have been the focus of a K-Type ‘clean-up’ project. This project was a joint effort between the teams from Cologne and Maastricht. The conclusion was that there were a large number of invalid K-Types, mostly assigned to less popular vehicles, for both countries.  These K-Types have now been removed so that our Argentina and Brazil data is healthier than ever.
  • Thanks to the availability of superior VIO data, New Zealand and Ireland will see their VIO data brought more closely in line with the actual situation.
  • Heavy-duty buses, starting at 7.5 tons, will be brought more closely in line with the reality in 14+ European countries.
  • Puerto Rico will be added to our portfolio as a new VIO country, joining the USA, Canada, Mexico and the Dominican Republic in the North American region. The segment classes will be passenger and terrain cars and light commercial vehicles (less than 7.5 tons)
  • Mexican VIO data will also be the subject of a fine-tuning project.

Meanwhile, development on the Vehicle Data Portal continues apace.  Some new features are nearly ready for release, such as the possibility to download your VIO data export in a variety of popular formats (.txt, .csv and Json).   Additional work on the Vehicle Data Portal has resulted in dramatic efficiency gains; some operations are now 10-15 times faster than they were before.

Finally, the fully specified TecAlliance VIO data includes more than 60 technical specifications. The vehicle database contains more than one billion registered vehicles in six geographical regions. An exact list of the countries covered (PDF format) is available for download at the following link: testing.tecalliance.net/uploads/2016/07/31105727/Available-Vehicle-in-Operation-Countries.pdf

If you have any questions please contact:

Alexander Rasera
Group Manager Information Management
TecAlliance Netherlands B.V.
Phone: +31 (0)-43-3030200